Dr Oz: What To Ask At Medi-Spas, Botched Beauty Procedures + Dangers


Dr Oz: Dangers of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures

Dr Oz said that most people would not knowingly go under the knife with someone who was not even a real doctor. That has him concerned about what some Medi-Spas are getting away with, so he got investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy on the case.

Dr Oz: Walk-In Medi-Spa Dangers

Medi-Spas offer facials and pedicures, along with Botox, lasers, and liposuction. Lower costs and convenience are hiding a downside: lack of regulation. Leamy’s hidden cameras went undercover at six locations in Virginia.


Most states don’t require doctors to be in the office during laser or injection procedures, meaning that a physician could simply rent out his or her name without being on the premises. In fact, Medi-Spa employees on the hidden cameras admitted that their doctors were only in once or twice per week.

Dr Oz: Regulating Medi-Spas

Dr Oz: What To Ask At Medi-Spas, Botched Beauty Procedures + Dangers

Dr Oz shared an investigative report and expert opinions about the risk for complications from beauty procedures performed at unregulated Medi-Spas. (Poznyakov / Shutterstock.com)

Dermatologist Cheryl Burgess finds this outrageous and has joined a task force that is writing legislation to help regulate them. Even doctors who do perform are not required to be specialized in the types of services they are offering.


That means an esthetician could be using a laser, or you might be getting your injection from a nurse. Cosmetic procedures are meant to tighten and firm the body. But in untrained hands, they could cause problems or even death.

Dr Oz: Botched Beauty Procedures

Patients shared their horror stories of procedures gone wrong, resulting in burns, nerve damage, and even death. At least five women have died due to complications from these low-rent procedures.

From the E! series Botched, two surgeons who specialize in correcting plastic surgery gone wrong, were Dr Oz’s guests. These Medi-Spas are generating five to 10 patients per month for corrective operations, according to facial plastic surgeon Dr Paul Nassif.

He elaborated that women don’t know the risks of Medi-Spas or what questions to ask. According to plastic surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow, you should stick to a facial or massage at a Medi-Spa, not a serious medical operation.

Dr Oz: 3 Procedures Not To Do In a Medi-Spa

What three procedures should you never have done at a Medi-Spa? Here is what the experts revealed.

  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Laser

Dr Oz: Medi-Spa Botox Danger

Dr Dubrow said that you could get droopy eyelids for up to a few months as a result of improper injection of Botox. Other risks include problems breathing or swallowing, and even death.

Dr Oz: Medi-Spa Fillers Danger

Improperly injected Fillers could cause blindness, and it has in many cases. It may also impair circulation and lead to Nose Necrosis, where the skin around the nose dies and turns black. Sometimes this is irreversible, and it could cost a patient her or his nose.

Dr Oz: Laser Hair Removal Danger

Laser Hair Removal is popular, but it could cause scarring or pigmentation issues when not properly performed.

Lasers are meant to differentiate hair based on contrasting color against the skin. But if you frequently tan or have a darker skin tone, it can be more tricky to avoid burned skin.

Dr Oz: Laser Patch Test

How can you avoid this type of complication with cosmetic procedures such as Laser Hair Removal? Dr Nassif said that one option is to do a patch test, lasering a small area to see how the skin will react after a day or so.

Dr Oz: International Medical Spa Association Statement

Medical boards in individual states are responsible for regulating Medi-Spas. But these operations are hard to wrangle, and they can often elude the reach of underfunded state resources.

What did the International Medical Spa Association have to say? Their statement read in part:

“As with any medical procedure, it’s important for patients to do their homework. View the medical office’s website, ask for referral, and research the risks involved.”

Dr Oz: What To Ask At Medi-Spas

Dr Oz said you should not assume someone in a white jacket at a Medi-Spa (or elsewhere) is a doctor. Here are some questions to ask before signing up for a beauty procedure.

  • What is the technician or doctor’s training?
  • Number of procedures done?
  • Expected complications?
  • How are complications handled?
  • Will a doctor on-site see you immediately?


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