Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Skin Type Plan & Cottage Cheese Face Mask


Dr Oz Skin Type Anti-Aging Plan

Did you know that your ethnicity and race are a major factor in how you should be caring for your skin? You can customize your skin care routine and the beauty products you need based on your race as well as skin tone. If you’re in doubt about your tone, Dr Oz recommended going with a darker shade.

Dermatologist Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden joined the show to help Dr. Oz explain the right morning and nighttime skin care routines for fair, medium, and darker skin tones. Read on to find out what you can do to customize your routine.


Dr Oz: Skin Tone Types

Find out the right care routine for your skin tone & learn why everyone needs to wear sunscreen.

Dr Oz: Melanin Vs Collagen

If you have darker skin, that’s because your body has higher levels of Melanin, which are responsible for the dark color. Beneath your skin is Collagen, which is compact and dense. Collagen is what’s actually sagging as age and gravity take their toll on your skin.

Dr. Cook-Bolden said that many people don’t realize the importance of wearing sunscreen, no matter what your skin tone. She said that even darker skin tones need protection from the sun. One problem is that so many sunscreens leave a white chalky residue, which shows up more on dark skin because it’s higher contrast.


Dr Oz: African American Skin Care & Sunscreen

She did say that manufacturers are developing ultra sheer sunscreen to help address this problem. She did advise that products that irritate your skin can also cause blotching. So she said you have to be careful about the products you choose, even sunscreen, and don’t be shy about switching if you have problems with a particular product.

For darker tones, she suggested pairing a gentle cleanser with exfoliating wash, creating a glow while banishing unwanted dark spots.

Dr Oz: Dark Skin Tone Day & Night Care Routine

  • Mornings – Do a cleaning treatment, then apply a gentle Glycolic Toner.
  • Evenings – Before bedtime, apply hydrating Night Cream that contains Retinol and Peptides. This reduces sagging and fights dark patches.

Dr Oz: Olive Skin Tone Care

If you have a medium skin tone, that means you have less Melanin than people with darker skin. Less Melanin means more sunlight is penetrating your skin, leaving you exposed to more sun damage.

Dr. Alicia Barba said that it’s important to realize this type of skin will tan very quickly. This can also lead to the problem of Hyperpigmentation, another problem most of us would like to avoid.

Sunscreen doesn’t actually block out the sun, contrary to popular myth. The FDA is actually working on regulations to ban the misleading term ‘sunblock.’

Dr Oz: Medium Skin Tone Day & Night Care Routine

  • Mornings – Pick a cleanser that will target your specific skin type or any skin condition you are treating. Gentle cleanser with antioxidants is best in the morning, such as a Vitamin C serum.
  • Evenings – Try a foaming cleanser, which can also be used to help you remove eye makeup. Find a Hydroquinone-free skin lightening agent and look for Retinol products.


Dr Oz: Fair Complexion Skin Cancer Risk

If you’re someone with fair skin, that means you have low melanin and less collagen than someone with darker skin tones. Lighter skin also leads to finer wrinkles, but usually less sagging than darker tones.

Fair skin is also at a much higher risk for sun damage. Dr. Elizabeth Hale reported that fair skinned people are the highest risk population for Skin Cancer, which is the most prevalent form of cancer in America.

Dr Oz: Fair Skin Tone Day & Night Care Routine

  • Mornings – Protecting your skin is important at any age. Use gentle cleanser and remember that the low SPF in makeup isn’t enough to protect you from sun damage. Try a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher, even on cloudy days. Also look for Vitamins A, C, and E in your skin care products.
  • Evenings – At night, start with a light Retinol product from the drugstore. Over time, you may want to work with a dermatologist and get a prescription strength Retinol treatment, to keep your skin hydrated and youthful.

Doctor Oz: Anti-Aging Pink Grapefruit

Doctor Oz featured some common foods that have benefits to your skin. Did you know that Pink Grapefruit can protect your skin? It has Lycopene, an antioxidant, and Dr. Oz said you can add it to your breakfast routine, or throw it in a fruit salad for lunch.

Read more about Grapefruit As a Mood Booster.

Red Peppers Fight Wrinkles

Another helpful food for your skin is Red Peppers. They actually work to fight those wrinkles that slowly creep into your skin. He said you can either eat them whole or try them as an ingredient in a favorite pasta, salad, or other dish. He suggested a lunch stir fry as another option to get your dosage of Red Peppers.

Collard Green Cell Growth

The Vitamin A found in Collard Greens helps your body with Cell Turnover. You can saute Collard Greens with Onions for the perfect side dish. Or eat Collard Greens raw in a salad.

Dr Oz: Cottage Cheese Face Mask

You can also take the Cottage Cheese in your fridge and turn it into a moisturizing face mask. Just mix equal parts Cottage Cheese and Olive Oil. Apply the combination to your face and let it sit for five minutes. Then rinse it off and dry your face. Just make sure it’s not expired, because that probably wouldn’t smell great.


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