Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Lobsters + Age Defying Foods, Telomeres & Aging


Dr Oz: Age Like A Lobster?

Dr Oz surprised his audience with two large lobsters that he claimed could hold the secret to turning back the hands of time. He explained that although they can live to be 140 years old, their outer shell gets renewed as they age. A lobster will even shed its own shell once a new, you’re one comes in. Plus, they age so slowly it’s as if they don’t age at all.

So how can you take what’s learned from studying lobsters and harness the secret to fighting aging. Dr Oz introduced his 91-year-old father as well as his mother and asked about the secret to staying young. According to the original Dr Oz, you get to that age “carefully” but according to Dr Oz’s mom, two of his secrets are family and passion.



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