Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Hand Treatment, High Heel Sizing & Facial Yoga Move


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Quiz

Earlier in the show, Dr Oz shared antioxidant oils you can use for longevity. Next, he put three viewers to the test in his anti-aging challenge. Follow along with their questions about health risks, weight loss secrets, and anti-aging hand treatment. See how you score, and then benefit from the recommended tips.

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Hand Treatment, High Heel Sizing & Facial Yoga Move

Dr Oz quizzed his audience about an affordable anti-aging hand treatment, his advice for high heel sizing, and a new facial yoga move for tight neck skin.


What is the best inexpensive cure that Dr Oz recommends for helping hands look younger?

  • Aloe Vera Hand Soap
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Vegetable Shortening

If you guessed Vegetable Shortening, you are right. It is an affordable hand treatment. Spread it and then put on gloves to let it absorb for a while to make your hands noticeably younger to the eye and to the touch.

Dr Oz: Grip Strength Health Test

Trying to open a jar of pickles tests your grip strength. A good grip is associated with a 42% lower risk of which health condition?

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke

The answer here is stroke. Grip strength also helps assess brain health and overall wellbeing.

Dr Oz: Miracle Anti-Aging Berry

What is the miracle anti-aging super berry that can help everything from skin and weight to digestion? This could be a tricky one.

  • Acai
  • Sea Buckthorn
  • Schizandra

The answer here is Sea Buckthorn. The oil form is rich in good fatty acids to keep you think.

Dr Oz: High Heel Sizing

Last question: to prevent extra stress on your joints, what is the maximum length of time you should wear high heels?

  • One hour
  • Three hours
  • Five hours

The right answer is three hours. Standing in heels for longer than three hours causes stress for the knees, feet, and back.

Dr Oz’s high heel recommendations were to buy 1/2 size too big, so you have a little wiggle room. He also suggested finding heels that have cushioning.

Dr Oz: Wrinkle Remedies

Wrinkles are another common aging complaint. Here are a few viewer suggestions for putting an end to wrinkles.

  • Pineapple – Rub pineapple on your face to reduce signs of aging.
  • Satin Pillowcase – A satin pillowcase could help keep skin smooth and young, according to one viewer.
  • Facial Yoga – Do the Baby Bird move to tighten neck skin. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and swallow to try this.


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