Dr Oz Anti-Aging: Bearberry Extract, Niacinamide B3 & Epsom Salt


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Guide 2014

You may be another year older, but you don’t have to look like it. Doctor Oz revealed anti-aging advice you can put to work for you today. Try Epsom Salt, Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Cream, and Bearberry Extract to turn back the hands of time.

Every year, we start to age more, and the signs can be noticeable. Gray hair and wrinkles are just some of the signs, but now science is showing how we can turn back the clock to reverse symptoms.


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Vitamin B3 Cream (Niacinamide)

Dr Oz Anti-Aging: Bearberry Extract, Niacinamide B3 & Epsom Salt

Do you want to stop aging in 2014? Dr Oz invited Dr Sharon Giese to share how Bearberry Extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), and Epsom Salt can help you out!

Vitamin B3 is Dr Oz’s favorite new way to moisturize. Think of it like Botox in a bottle. It’s found on the ingredient list as Niacinamide, and topical B3 is a great way to address fine lines and wrinkles. Under the skin, it increases capillary dilation and blood flow, for smooth, soft skin.

Dr Sharon Giese, a cosmetic plastic surgeon, said that it’s not harsh and be absorbed directly through the skin. Be sure you are finding Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide on the product label. Then use a nickel-sized amount, applied to the face and throat twice per day.


Be sure to coat your neck, which can be a giveaway when it comes to aging. You could get smoother, tighter skin in about four weeks! Proteins can break apart wrinkles and retrain your skin.

“It’s the largest organ of our body, and we really need to take care of it,” Dr Giese said of our skin.

Dr Oz: Bearberry Extract Review for Age Spots

Do you need a natural cure for Age Spots? Bearberry Extract is a natural compound that brightens skin gently. It works by reversing dark age spots. Age Spots tend to be inevitable with time, thanks to sun exposure and free radicals that bring melanin closer to the surface of the skin.

Melanin cells below the skin can create Age Spots when they make too much pigment, but Bearberry is a natural solution to melt this away. Look for Bearberry Extract or Arbutin, and this should work in about six weeks, if you apply it each evening before putting on a moisturizer.

Dr Oz: Epsom Salt Bath for Weight Loss

The metabolism slows and causes weight gain with age. But Epsom Salt could be an age-old beauty secret that threatens plastic surgery. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, drawing out puffiness and excess fluid, helping you lose inches inexpensively.

Magnesium and Sulfate soak into the skin, pulling out cellular waste and fluids. Plus, it can be relaxing. Water should be between 94-97 F. Add two cups of Epsom Salt to your bathwater and soak for 10 minutes, two or three times a week.

This is an inexpensive way to lose inches from your waist, and Dr Oz’s audience volunteer lost an inch from her waist and thighs after a quick soak on the show.



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