Dr Oz: Alpha Beta Hydroxy, Peptide Cream + Vitamin C Prevent Aging


Dr Oz: Beauty Aging Types

What’s your Aging Type? Dr Oz invited dermatologists Dr Dennis Gross and Dr Hilary Reich from 900 5th Dermatology to share this preventative quiz that can help you get ahead of the natural aging process when it comes to sagging, wrinkles, and discoloration. What can you do?

If you are a woman, your mother and her mother are going to be your biggest clues, because aging is hereditary. Take this quiz to find out whether you are Wrinkle Prone, Discoloration Prone, or Sagging Prone. That will help you choose targeted solutions.


Dr Oz: What’s Your Aging Type? Quiz

Dr Oz: Alpha Beta Hydroxy, Peptide Cream + Vitamin C Prevent Aging

Whether sagging, pigmentation, or wrinkles run in your family, Dr Oz shared anti-aging solutions like Alpha Beta Hydroxy Peels, Vitamin C and Peptide Cream.

Line up photos of yourself, your mother, and her mother to answer these questions.

The top of the face moves a lot when making facial expressions, which can cause your collagen to break down over the years. Looking at the forehead and eyes, do you see:

  • A. Deep Lines
  • B. Fine Lines
  • C. No Lines

Brown Spots and Red Spots are both typical skin features that occur as a natural part of aging. But if you have both of them, for this second question, you should focus more on Brown Spots. Looking at the cheeks in the photos, do you see:

  • A. No Discoloration
  • B. Dark Brown Spots
  • C. Some Redness

Jowling can occur as the skin thins and loosens with age due to the effects of gravity. Looking at the jawlines in your photographs, do you see:

  • A. Definition
  • B. Some Loose Skin
  • C. Jowling

Tally the results. Here’s what they can tell you about your Aging Type.

  • Mostly As: Wrinkle Prone
  • Mostly Bs: Discoloration Prone (Pigmentation Prone)
  • Mostly Cs: Sagging Prone

Dr Oz Anti-Wrinkle: Vitamin C Serum Review

If you are Wrinkle Prone, you might start to notice some lines even in your teens. The dermatologists suggested finding a Topical Vitamin C Serum applied at night to prevent sun-related interactions. This will give you extra collagen to offset those lines.

Dr Oz Skin Discoloration: Alpha Beta Hydroxy Peel Review

For those with pigmentation or discoloration tendencies, you may consider consulting a skin care professional for Alpha Beta Hydroxy Peel treatments. But you can also do this over the counter in a lower concentration. Choose a two-step product that you can apply several times per week to see fast results.

Dr Oz Anti-Sagging: Peptide Cream Review

If you had mostly Cs on the quiz and have a tendency toward sagging skin, you can prevent that shadowing and tighten that loose skin with Peptide Lotion or Peptide Cream that can be applied all over the face for a tighter appearance.


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