Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream & Avon Anew Retexturing Peel Reviews


Dr Oz: Wrinkle Fighting Vitamins

Are you ready to do something about your wrinkles, but don’t know where to start? Dr Oz shared a suggested skin care routine you can try, featuring products like Shady Wipes, Yes To Blueberries, Avon Anew and more. Find out whether any of these ideas might be right for your skin.

Dermatologist Anne Chapas joined Dr Oz and audience member Denise to talk about the best ways to approach a skin care routine that won’t add hours to your bathroom routine each week. The products featured in this segment are affordable, and most can be found at your favorite drugstore.


Avon Anew Advanced Retexturizing Peel Review

Dr Oz Skin Care: Avon Anew Review

Dr Oz's quick skin care tips include Avon Anew and Yes To Blueberries, as well as Vitamin A products.

If your goal is to eliminate wrinkles, start with the Avon Anew Advanced Retexturizing Peel. This is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially in the cheeks. Just apply and rub outward with a circular motion.

Try adding this to your beauty routine twice a week. If you have more sensitive skin, you might want to start with one application per week. It should cost you under $25.


Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream Review

Dr Oz and friends also had a ready solution for Crow’s Feet. It’s called Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, and it works kind of like your morning coffee. That’s because it “wakes up” the cells around your eyes and uses antioxidant ingredients to reverse the effects of sun damage in this sensitive area. It’s sold for under $20.

Dr Oz: Shady Wipes

Fighting the sun is the biggest battle you’ll wage when it comes to skin health. But did you know there are sunscreen wipes you can use to give yourself a touch up? Shady Wipes have an SPF of 30, and you just apply them to the hands or face an hour before going out in the sun. It’s a light application and won’t leave a mess behind (supposedly; I have yet to find this is true of a sunscreen product, but maybe miracles do happen).

Yes To Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum Review

A day of running around in the elements can take its toll on your skin, but there is a product you can use each evening to repair damage that may have been done. Dr Oz’s show featured Yes To Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum. It’s light, and it can be used on any of your body’s skin to reverse damage and moisturize wrinkles.

Dr Oz also recommended skin care products containing Vitamin A, because they can help boost collagen production and rejuvenate your skin cells.


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