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Dr Oz: Embarrassing Health Questions

Dr Oz is known for being an honest straight shooter. Maybe that’s why people have a tendency to shut off their filter when they encounter him in public. Sometimes he gets asked the weirdest or most personal health questions while out and about. Now and then, Dr Oz likes to tackle these topics, and this show featured awkward health questions about Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye, waxing hair on your rear-end, Tom’s Antiperspirant, and Just A Drop toilet drops.

Dr Oz: Just A Drop Toilet Odor Review

Dr Oz: Betty's Beauty Hair Dye

Dr Oz’s health & beauty solutions for down there included products like Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye.


Akela braved the microphone to offer a question we’ve all dealt with at some point: what is the best way to deal with unpleasant bathroom odors? Is it true that lighting a match is the best solution?

Dr Oz explained that the odor of a bowel movement is similar to sulfur, and lighting a match might work to cover it up, but it’s only masking the odor.

Instead, he recommended Just A Drop Toilet Odor Reducer, which is made from Eucalyptus Extract. It gets to the root of what’s causing the odor, rather than just covering it up.


Tom’s Of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant Review

Next, Nancy asked about how stress and body odor are related. She recently noticed that she has been more stressed out than usual, and that her body seems to emit a specific odor in response to this.

Dr Oz actually smelled Nancy’s armpits, which is a great reason I never wanted to be a doctor. He said that the body will respond to nerves with sweaty secretions. But as sweat beads accumulate, bacteria aren’t always able to break them down. This can lead to overwhelming odors that no one enjoys, whether you’re causing them or just inhaling them.

You can use Tom’s Of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant to help with tough body odors. It’s made from Olive Leaf Extract, Coconut Oil, and Aluminum, and it soothes your skin while dealing with tough odors.

Dr Oz: Hair Waxing

Mary was the next bold audience member with a personal question. She wanted to know if waxing hair from your “behind” is safe. Though the audience laughed nervously about her question, Dr Oz said it’s something a lot of people wonder but are afraid to ask.

Dr Oz asked Mary about her hair “down there”… or should I say “back there”, and she said she noticed it in the shower. He said that it’s safe to wax back there, but you are probably better off in the hands of a professional, since it’s a delicate area that’s also hard to see. In this case, hard wax is preferential to strips, because it will do a better job of clinging to hair and it’s also better for the skin.

Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye Review

Not to be outdone by Mary’s backside waxing question, Jackie asked about going gray “down there”. It’s true that you can go gray all over, and everyone’s hair will change color at differing rates as part of the aging process.

Before committing to dyeing your entire private area, try out a test area first (like with a paint sample, I guess; how bizarre, Dr Oz). Dr Oz explained that organic ingredients are preferred, but you’ll want to avoid harsh chemical ingredients.

Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye is a fun and effective product if you’re looking to touch up or really shock and awe. Though it comes in natural colors, there are also fun and flashy shades available, including Hot Pink.

Did you learn something new today? Which of these questions would you have been most embarrassed to ask?


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