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Dr Oz: How To Have Healthy Poop

One of Dr Oz’s favorite topics over the years is poop, and he famously explained to Oprah’s audience that healthy poop makes an S shape. He got millions of people at home to keep up with their internal health by auditing their own stool at home.

Now he is explaining what your poop could be trying to tell you about your health, and how to get the perfect healthy bowel movements everyone wants, but no one wants to talk about. If you’re having poop problems, there are solutions for that also.


Dr Oz: Fiber in Oranges

Trying to eat your recommended daily fiber? You'd need to eat 10 oranges to do it.

Dieting is hard enough without worrying about your stool. Learn how to Find Your Body Type and Losing Belly Vs Butt Fat.

Dr Oz: Bristol Stool Chart

Yvette was in the audience, and she reported that she goes #2 once or twice a day, but the consistency varies. Dr Oz explained that the Bristol Stool Chart can help you understand whether your poop is healthy. Here are what the numbers on the scale mean.

  • 1-3 – Constipation: Stool is lumpy and infrequent.
  • 4-5 – Perfect: Smooth stool is the goal.
  • 6-7 – Diarrhea: Watery or shapeless stool.

After consulting the scale, Yvette determined she is a 4 or 5, though recently she’s had problems with her stool being runny, so that indicates a 6 or 7.

For more information learn about Poop Colors & Their Meanings.

Dr Oz: Runny Vs Hard Stool

Runny Poop is the result of water passing through the colon. It’s supposed to be removed in the colon, but sometimes it’s moving too fast for that to happen. Some artificial sweeteners, certain allergies, or general illness can all be causes of this issue.

Hard Poop is caused by the opposite problem. If you’re not drinking enough water, it’s hard for stool to pass through the colon. Adding fiber to your diet can also help keep things going smoothly. Otherwise, stool can sit in the digestive system for a long time, eventually coming out clumpy.

Dr Oz: Psyllium Fiber

If you’re having poop issues, Dr Oz’s best advice is to get more fiber. He said we should all be getting around 25 grams a day, but on average, Americans consume just 10 or 15 grams.

To illustrate the proper amount, Dr Oz explained 25 grams of fiber using common household food items:

  • 10 Oranges = 25 grams of Fiber
  • 6 Baked Potatoes = 25 grams of Fiber
  • 12 slices Whole Wheat Bread = 25 grams of Fiber

Dr Oz: Metamucil for Fiber

You can also get the Psyllium Fiber your body needs through a product such as Metamucil. Try mixing a tablespoon of Metamucil in one cup of water. Let it sit for around 10 minutes before you drink it.

Metamucil will create a waste trapping gel in the body, preventing you from absorbing it. This will lead to that perfect poop with the S shape, and the recommended dosage is 7 grams, or three doses daily.

Win A Heart To Heart with Dr Oz & Free Metamucil

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