What Does My Dream Mean? Falling, Flying & Teeth Dreams Explained


Dr Oz: Dream Expert Lauren Lawrence

Now that you’ve learned about the Sleep Diet and checked out Dr Oz’s Sleep Product Reviews, it’s time to talk about the business of dreams. There are common types of dreams that have probably happened to many of us at one time or another. Most people have dreamed about falling, but other popular subjects including flying or having your teeth fall out. To get to the bottom of what these dreams mean, Dr Oz spoke with psychoanalyst Lauren Lawrence, who gave some perspective on dreams and health. What does my dream mean?

Lauren Lawrence: What Does My Dream Mean?

Dr Oz: What Does My Dream Mean?

What does my dream mean? Dr Oz's expert explained what common dreams about flying or falling might mean.


Dreams are a place for the subconscious to manage conflict resolution. That means what you dream about could be a bellwether of your personal health. Lauren explained the truth behind some of the most common subjects of our dreams.

Dr Oz: What Does A Falling Dream Mean?

Have you ever woken with a start after having a horrible dream about falling uncontrollably? So has most of the Dr Oz audience, according to an informal poll.

Lauren explained that this actually has to do with letting go of something. This dream happens often to people who have problems giving up control. It’s a sign that you are overstressed and need to relax. Surprisingly, Lauren said most people never hit the ground in these dreams.


Dr Oz: What Does A Flying Dream Mean?

There’s something exciting about the ability to fly, even in a dream. Lauren said that often people complain of being lopsided or unusually heavy when they are aloft in their dreams.

What does it mean? Lauren said this is actually a sign of Bronchial issues. (I never would’ve guessed that.) You should check in with your doctor after this type of dream, apparently.

Dr Oz: Dream That Teeth Fell Out

What about the dream where your teeth start to fall out while you are eating, or maybe you don’t know why they are suddenly falling out of place. Lauren said this dream has two different meanings depending on your gender.

  • For women: Something falling out of the body is the sign of a void needing to be filled, such as a wish to become pregnant.
  • For men: In men, this type of dream indicates a subconscious need for stimulation.

Now you have a little more insight into one perpective of dream analysis. What do you think about Lauren’s interpretations? If you want more, check out her book, Dream Keys for the Future.



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