Supermarket Bacteria, Better Seafood Board & Vinegar Produce Wash Recipe


Dr Oz: Supermarket Secrets

Dr Oz shared Brain Boosters and Plastic Surgery Alternative Product Reviews on his show. With this episode’s theme of anti-aging, he next turned to the diet choices you make that could be adding years to your looks, without you even realizing it. Now you can avoid bacteria, seafood scams, and milk madness on your next trip to the store. Plus, get Dr Oz’s Vinegar Produce Wash Recipe.

Wanna hear something gross? (Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be a Dr Oz fan.) The fruit you buy at the store has already been groped and fondled by an average of 20 other people before it ends up in your kitchen, and eventually your mouth.


For more horrifying supermarket secrets, Dr Oz turned to government health representative Peter De Lucia. For more advice, check out Dr Oz’s 99 Item Shopping List.

Dr Oz: Supermarket Milk Temperature

Dr Oz: Supermarket Bacteria & Vinegar Produce Wash Recipe

Dr Oz learned about the bacteria contaminating fresh food on supermarket checkout belts and shared a Vinegar Produce Wash recipe to prevent illness.

Milk is a grocery store staple, but Dr Oz’s audience learned you should always pick your milk from the back of the refrigerator case. That’s because the temperature is not always well regulated, which means the milk closer to the front is likely warmer than it’s supposed to be. (I’m sure it doesn’t help to have that door constantly opening and closing throughout the day.)


Warmer milk in the front sometimes reaches temperatures of 50 F degrees, which will shorten its shelf life.

Vegetable Misters: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

You know those misters that spray down the produce in your grocery store? (I think they’re annoying, because they often get you or your other groceries wet.) If they’re not properly cleaned, they could be adding some unwanted ingredients to your fresh food: bacteria and mold.

Dr Oz tested some supermarket produce and discovered it was tainted with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which can cause Pneumonia, as well as other health problems. The way to avoid this issue is to be sure you wash all your produce for at least 30 seconds under cold water. Then pat it dry with a paper towel before chopping, grating, or dicing.

Better Seafood Board: Supermarket Fish Swap

You get what you pay for, according to the old saying. But that may not be true when it comes to supermarket fish. Some stores have been swapping cheaper fish in place of more expensive catches. Varieties of Lemon Sole and Red Snapper often look the same, but Lemon Sole is cheaper by far.

Kelly Ripa recently shared a study that found restaurants swap fish and sushi. To avoid having this happen at your store, ask a manager if the store is part of the Better Seafood Board.

Supermarket Checkout Belt Bacteria

That conveyor belt is a filthy place to put your food. Germs on the belt could contaminate food and wind up living in your intestines for a long time, because of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Instead of letting your fresh foods, such as bread, vegetables, or fruit, roll around in gross germs, hand them to the checker instead.

Vinegar Produce Wash Recipe

Dr Oz suggested creating your own Vinegar Water Produce Wash at home. Just mix equal parts Vinegar and Water in a spray bottle. Then spray it on vegetables. The acid in Vinegar will kill bacteria on the veggies.

Dr Oz: Orange Peel Antioxidants

Don’t throw away your orange peels. Instead, use them for zest in salads and other dishes. They’re rich in antioxidants.

For even more health tips, try eating Broccoli Stalks to get a heavy dose of Vitamin C. You can eat them raw or steamed.


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