Sleep Diet: Lose Weight While You Dream with Valerian Root & Calcium


Dr Oz: Sleep Diet

Dr Oz featured a report on Gastric Bypass Surgery and stories of Patient Success & Failure. If that isn’t the right option for you, there’s always good old diet and exercise. But Dr Oz said there could be another way, which could be the laziest way to lose weight I’ve heard in quite awhile, and that’s something to get moderately excited about. What would you think about a Sleep Diet that let you lose weight while you are catching some Zs?

Dr Oz shared four simple ways you can make this fantasy a reality and spur weight loss naturally while you catch up on beauty rest. Sleep Deprivation or lack of sleep could actually be one reason why you’re not losing weight the way you might like to.


The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan Review

Dr Oz: Sleep Diet

Learn to lose weight while you dream with the Dr Oz Sleep Diet.

Dr Oz spoke with Dr Michael Breus, who literally wrote the book on this (it’s called The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan). Dr Breus reported that most of us are getting seven hours or less of sleep every night.

This can be a hormonal issue, and overproduction of Ghrelin could be making you eat more when you are awake. Lost sleep could be leading to 30 pounds of weight gain per year, directly or indirectly.


On the flip side, getting an extra hour of sleep every night could help you shed 14 pounds per year.

Dr Oz Sleep Diet: How To Lose Weight In Your Dreams

There are four steps outlined on the show to help you get started on bedtime weight loss.

Dr Oz: Bedtime Calculator

What’s the right bedtime for you? Work backwards by figuring out what time you need to wake up. Then subtract 7.5 hours from that time, and set your alarm for the proper wake-up time. (If you need help, check out the Sleepytime Bedtime Calculator, which works backwards and forwards.)

Dr Oz: Calcium & Magnesium for Sleep

Try adding supplements to sleep better naturally. Dr Oz prescribed 600 mg Calcium and 400 mg Magnesium for a better night’s rest.

Dr Oz: Antacids & Sleep

Get your stomach acids under control by taking an antacid with dinner or 30 minutes before crawling between the sheets. This can also get reflux under control.

Passionflower & Valerian Root Tea: Dr Oz Sleep Aid

Heat up a hot cup of tea before bed, combining Passionflower and Valerian Root. Just writing that sounds relaxing.


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