Shades Of Hope Treatment Center Review & Dr Oz Anorexic Support


Dr Oz Anorexic Support: Shades Of Hope Treatment Center

Dr Oz’s Anorexia show investigated Pro-Ana Websites and the founder of Pretty Thin, which some say encourages women to be Anorexic instead of helping them. To offer Anorexic Support, Dr Oz spoke with Tennie McCarty, the founder of Shades Of Hope Treatment Center. Tennie, who still works as an addictions counselor, said the best hope for anorexics is to catch the disease early. But she said that no case of Anorexia is hopeless.

Shades Of Hope Treatment Center Review: Anorexia Treatment

Dr Oz spoke with Tennie McCarthy from Shades Of Hope Treatment Center about Anorexia treatment & advice for parents.


For Anorexia sufferer Lynn, mealtime with the family is a source of anxiety. She weighs just 72 pounds and said that all the food in her house is for her husband. She said she no longer feels like she is living her life, but she still feels fat when she looks in the mirror.

Dr Oz: Anorexia Family Life Impact

Lynn’s husband, Jeff, joined her on the show, and he was obviously distraught about her condition. He couldn’t express how he was feeling, but he said Lynn’s disease has affected every aspect of their lives.

They have to plan activities and schedules around Lynn’s Anorexia, and he said they aren’t able to enjoy a normal life. Instead, Jeff said they are stuck in “hell on earth.” He values his relationship with Lynn, but he is concerned because he doesn’t know how long she can continue living like this.


Dr Oz: Husband Confronts Pro-Ana Website Founder

James, the founder of a Pro-Anorexia Website, said Lynn’s story doesn’t make him feel guilty or ashamed of his website. Lynn said she is appalled with the comments from James, and she worries that his site will encourage other young women to follow her down this deadly path.

Jeff expressed his desire to spend some time alone with James to confront him about the consequences of his website. He found James’ attitude upsetting and destructive.

Shades Of Hope Treatment Center Review: Anorexia Treatment

Tennie McCarty said her Shades Of Hope Treatment Center treats Anorexia in men and women. She also expressed anger with James and Pro-Ana Websites.

She said that the images on his site and other websites contribute to a societal destruction of body image for young women. According to Tennie, she has heard from a number of women his site has harmed, and none that he has helped.

Dr Oz: Anorexia Advice For Parents

Tennie advised parents to be watchful of their teens’ behavior. She said you should intervene if you notice your son or daughter visiting Pro-Ana Sites. Young people are easily influenced by Pro-Ana images and messages in cyberspace.


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