Pro-Ana Diet & Anorexia Diary: Dr Oz Anorexia Intervention


Dr Oz: Pro Anorexia Advocates

Though the majority of the Dr Oz Anorexia episode offered a negative portrayal of the eating disorder, including intervention treatment from Shades Of Hope, Dr Oz also gave dissenters a chance to share their opinions. After mentioning Pro-Ana Websites and talking to Pretty Thin Founder James, he invited some Pro-Ana advocates to share their perspectives. Amanda and Britney were open advocates for Anorexia, but Dr Oz hoped stories from women like Lynn and Janice might change their minds about Anorexia Health Benefits and their Pro-Ana Diet.

Dr Oz Anorexia: Amanda’s Anorexia Diary

Pro-Ana Diet & Anorexia Diary: Dr Oz

Young women shared a Pro-Ana Diet and Anorexia Diary as advocates of the life-altering eating disorder.


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