Pro-Ana Diet & Anorexia Diary: Dr Oz Anorexia Intervention


Dr Oz: Pro Anorexia Advocates

Though the majority of the Dr Oz Anorexia episode offered a negative portrayal of the eating disorder, including intervention treatment from Shades Of Hope, Dr Oz also gave dissenters a chance to share their opinions. After mentioning Pro-Ana Websites and talking to Pretty Thin Founder James, he invited some Pro-Ana advocates to share their perspectives. Amanda and Britney were open advocates for Anorexia, but Dr Oz hoped stories from women like Lynn and Janice might change their minds about Anorexia Health Benefits and their Pro-Ana Diet.

Dr Oz Anorexia: Amanda’s Anorexia Diary

Pro-Ana Diet & Anorexia Diary: Dr Oz

Young women shared a Pro-Ana Diet and Anorexia Diary as advocates of the life-altering eating disorder.


Amanda is 20 years old and is on the path to Anorexia. She said she doesn’t believe she has full blown Anorexia. She sees herself as trying to lose weight with a restricted calorie Pro-Ana Diet. She consumes between 300 and 600 calories a day, but a healthy diet for her would include 1200 calories.

Dr Oz gave Amanda the chance to share her goals, which including being “massively thin” with “visible bones.” She said she is grateful for Pro-Ana Websites that connect her with others in similar situations. The sites have helped her find ways to lose weight, and inspired her to create her own diet website featuring photos of skinny women.

Amanda bragged that her site has more than 500 followers. Since getting involved in Pro-Ana sites, Amanda’s weight has shrunk from 230 pounds to 163. But there’s more to the story. Dr Oz observed some injuries on Amanda’s arm, which she explained were her self-inflicted punishment for overeating.


Dr Oz: Britney’s Pro-Ana Diet

Dr Oz’s next guest was Britney, who said she doesn’t feel pretty at all, despite Amanda praising her appearance. Britney said she uses Pro-Ana sites for weight loss inspiration and Anorexia diet tips. She said her Anorexia is a struggle each day, but she is ready to get help.

Dr Oz Anorexia Intervention

When confronted face to face with Janice and Lynn, Britney and Amanda feared they would end up like the gaunt, sickly women. Lynn told each of them that they are not in control, despite what they may think.

She said that the disease slowly consumes you, and it could be years before you realize how far things have spiraled.


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