Is it Safe to Use Your Husband’s Razor Down There?


Dr Oz: What’s Going On Down There?

Are you looking for answers about sensitive women’s health issues? Dr Oz invited Dr Lauren Streicher, a gynecologist, to help him answer questions about women’s health “down there”. Is it OK to use Toilet Paper Tampons? What about Scented Pantyliners or Sharing Razors With Your Husband? These doctors had all the answers.

Dr Oz: Men's Vs Women's Razors

Is it OK for ladies to use men’s razors? The Dr Oz Show explained the differences.


Dr Oz: Is It Safe To Use Your Husband’s Razor?

When you are grooming yourself at home, it can be tempting to reach for your husband’s razor if you’re in a rush. But is it OK to use his razor on your private areas? Dr Streicher said you may want to think twice, because men’s and women’s razors are designed differently.

It’s more than just color and packaging. The blades are actually designed to cut through coarse male body hair. You may cause more cuts or nicks in your sensitive spots if you’re using a man’s razor, which can lead to infections and other concerns down the road.

Dr Oz: Toilet Paper Tampons

Adaliz was the next audience member to speak up with her question. Has this ever happened to you? It’s an emergency, and you don’t have a tampon with you. Can you use MacGyver one out of toilet paper to get you through in a pinch?


Dr Streicher understands that everyone has been caught unprepared, but she said this solution is a huge mistake. Toilet paper isn’t absorbent, so it will just fall apart after you insert it, and it could become stuck in there, causing infections or bacteria.

Your best solution is to create a temporary toilet paper pad on the outside as a stopgap. You could also reach for a sock if you have to.

Dr Oz: Scented Pantyliner Allergies

In the feminine hygiene aisle, one of the products you’re bound to find are scented pantyliners. Jessica in the audience said she uses hers to stay fresh through the day.

Dr Streicher surprised her by revealing that the scented chemicals can actually irritate your personal areas. The same rules apply for sprays or perfumes designed for your lady business as well.

To make matters worse, the symptoms of this irritation can seem to be a Yeast Infection or other issue, which could cause a misdiagnosis and delay treatment. Dr Streicher said the best thing to do is think about why you’re using these scented pantyliners. If your problem is odor or discharge, you should make a doctor’s appointment to get to the root causes.


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