How Often Should You Poop? How Many Times a Day Should You Poop Dr Oz?


How Many Times a Day Should You Poop?

How often should you poop?  Such a seemingly simple question that most of us are embarrassed to talk about, but not Dr Oz!  There are few things worse than constipation, especially when you keep on feeling like it’s time to go now and keep going to the bathroom only to realize it’s not time yet. This can be highly embarrassing, not to mention painful.

How Often Should I Poop?

So how do we know when it’s taking far too long? Dr Oz had the answers. He answered a question from Andrea, who asked how long it takes for a meal to digest and when you should be concerned if you’re having difficulty having bowel movements.  Just how often should you poop?

Dr Oz Poop

Dr Oz: When To See Your Doctor If You Experience Frequent Constipation

Fiber is very important in ensuring your bowel movements are regular and healthy.


  1. shelley says

    I poop 7-8 time or more a day for the last three months I’ve been having to go with loose stool type system

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