Dr Oz’s Supermarket Secrets: Organic Food Label Tricks & More


Dr Oz: Supermarket Scams

Is your grocery store manipulating you? According to Dr. Oz and his guest, the answer is certainly yes. They set up the stores in a way that will trick you into giving up more of your money, no matter how organized or list oriented you are.

Dr Oz: Supermarket Scams

Shopping clockwise can save you money, and you don't have to buy 10 to get the promotional price on some items.


Sue Perry is a supermarket insider, and she shared some of the scandalous secrets that marketers use to get into your purse or wallet. Their goal is to keep you buying more and more, and research shows that the more time you spend in their store, the more stuff you’ll end up taking home.

Doctor Oz: Supermarket Endcaps

An endcap is the big display at the end of an aisle. It’s designed to draw you in and entice you into buying whatever it’s offering, thinking that you’re getting a great deal. The reality is that these aren’t necessarily great buys or even sales. Stores just want you to assume you’re getting a good price so you’ll stock up.

Sue also said you should check your store’s policies on promotions like 10 for $10. In many cases, you don’t have to buy 10 of that item to get the sale price. I’m glad she’s getting the word out, because it took me years to realize this store gimmick.


Dr Oz: Organic Food Label Lies

If the package says organic, of course we are going to assume that the contents inside are organic. But Sue said that this is just a store labeling trick that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

For example, when it comes to Organic Fish, there are no set standards for what is organic. So if you see this label on fish at your supermarket, it’s probably just a marketing gimmick.

Even vegetables can be misleadingly labeled. Broccoli or Asparagus could claim to be organic, when they were really treated with pesticides. Sue said that our best bets for organic produce are fresh berries, such as Strawberries and Blueberries.

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Doctor Oz: Save Money By Shopping Clockwise

Did you know that even the direction you travel through the store can psychologically affect your purchases? She explained that if a store’s entrance is on the right, consumers will tend to shop counterclockwise. If the store’s entrance is on the left, shoppers will go through clockwise.

Think about your favorite store. Is the entrance on the right? If so, you can beat the system by shopping clockwise on your next trip. See if it saves you money.

Sue also reported that stores will sell identical products in different parts of the store at different prices. That’s crazy!

Dr Oz: Colorful Produce Scam

When it comes to fresh fruit, buyer beware. The bright colors on those apples could really be chemicals that are used to give fruits a longer ripening process. Those yellow bananas might actually be old.

The halogen lights used in stores also help fruits look more appealing. The best way to ensure you’re getting fresh produce is to buy whatever is currently in season.

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot to think about before my next grocery store trip.


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