Dr Oz’s Solutions to Get Rid of Eye Boogers & Dandruff. Saline is Key.


Dr. Oz: Getting Rid of Dandruff

Dr. Oz is trying to fix everyday problems with some very simple solutions. The first problem he is trying to fix is one a lot of people have to deal with on an everyday basis: dandruff.

The woman who came on the show said she has the worst dandruff problem. She is always having to shake dandruff off her shoulders and she is disgusted. The woman said she has tried everything she can to get rid of the dandruff but nothing works. She just wears a baseball cap to hold all the dandruff in. She even said it is so bad, her husband calls her Snowflake.


Dr. Oz explained that a normal scalp will not have a lot of shedding of the skin. But for some people, a fungus will grow on the head and become rubbed off during the day. Dr. Oz recommended spraying a half cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with a half cup of water on the scalp. This will change the acidity of the scalp to an acidity the fungus can not grow on.

Dr. Oz: What Causes Eye Boogers

Dr. Oz said a lot of people have been writing in wondering how they can get rid of the disgusting eye boogers they wake up with in the morning. One woman said it must be genetic because even her kids have bad eye boogers.

Dr Oz's Solutions to Get Rid of Eye Boogers & Dandruff

Dr. Oz helps two women, one with some bad dandruff and another with some bad eye boogers, get rid of their problems with two quick fixes.


I don’t know if that is true, but if it is genetic, I need to thank my mother for having great eye booger genes.

The woman who came on the stage said she has the worst eye boogers in all of America. Every morning she wakes up she has gooey boogers on the inside of her eye and crusty boogers on the outside. She said it has been going on for a very long time and it is the one thing she makes sure to check before she leaves her house.

Dr Oz: Saline Remedy for Eye Boogers

Dr. Oz said this happened because of tears. Through the day we blink to clear things from our eyes, but while we are sleeping we obviously do not blink. This can cause tears in the eye to not be wiped away. The tears will drain into the corners of the eyes where they should be able to go down a tear duct to the nose and throat. But if the tears are too thick they will get stuck, causing eye boogers in the morning.

Dr. Oz said by using saline drops before heading the bed, the woman’s tears would be less thick and able to slip down the tear duct.


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