Dr Oz’s Olive Oil Test, Avoiding Fake Olive Oil & Olive Oil vs Cocaine


Dr Oz: Fish Fraud in America

Dr. Oz already informed his audience they may be eating a fish that gives them diarrhea when they thought they were eating something else. Fish fraud is a very big problem in America and Dr. Oz talked with two experts who said almost half of the fish you purchase is something entirely different than what you thought you purchased.

Dr Oz: Food Fraud – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The next biggest food fraud took place with extra virgin olive oil. Experts believe 65 percent of the world’s extra virgin oil olive is fake and many of the bottles labeled extra virgin olive oil actually have ingredients placed inside the oil to make it look like extra virgin olive oil.


Dan Flynn, from the U.S. Davis Olive Center, explained extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil because it comes from the juice of crushed olives and no heat, chemicals or solvents are used. The juice of the olive is a combination of water and oil and the two are separated so the oil can be bottled.

Dr Oz's Olive Oil Test, Avoiding Fake Olive Oil & Olive Oil vs Cocaine

Dr. Oz found out extra virgin olive oil is mostly fake, revealed the best ways to avoid fake olive oil and gave out his extra virgin olive oil test.

Flynn said a recent study done by his organization found 65 percent of the most popular brands of imported extra virgin olive oil were not what they were labeled as and did not meet the standards for extra virgin olive oil.


Dr. Oz was angered at the notion of something he often tells his audience to buy for different health benefits could actually be completely different than what they think they are buying.

Dr Oz: Fake Olive Oil Vs Cocaine Profits

Dr. Oz was shocked when Kennedy revealed the practice of selling fake olive oil is more lucrative than selling cocaine and the penalties for selling fake olive oil are not very strict. With the allure of making more money always present, many companies continue selling fake olive oil to grocery stores.

Dr Oz: Avoid Fake Olive Oil

Flynn offered a few tips to help you avoid buying fake extra virgin olive oil at the grocery store.

  • Purchase in a dark glass bottle
  • Keep away from light and heat
  • Look for the harvest date on the bottle and purchase within 15 months of that date
  • Look for a quality seal, like one from the California Olive Oil Council
  • Check site of production because olive oil is often packed in one country, but produced in another.

Dr Oz: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Refrigerator Test

Dr. Oz said the best way to find out if your extra virgin olive oil is real or not is to put it in the fridge and see if it freezes. If the bottle of olive oil freezes you have the real thing, but if it does not then it is not pure extra virgin olive oil. He said this is the best method to use and experts agree it is the best method to use at home.


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