Dr Oz’s Father-In-Law: Rock Doc Gerald Lemole Life Balance & Probiotic


Dr Oz: Meet Dr Oz’s Father-In-Law

Dr Oz has been sharing advice and resources on television for many years, and for the last four seasons he has been the host of his own talk show. Where did he get the inspiration to make medicine and information his life’s work? Part of that drive comes from Dr Oz’s greatest mentor, Dr Gerald Lemole, who also happens to be his father-in-law.

Rock Doc: Dr Gerald Lemole

Dr Lemole, who is considered a rock star in his own right, made a visit to Dr Oz’s show to chat with the son-in-law who followed in his footsteps. It’s believed that Dr Lemole was on the team of surgeons who performed America’s first heart transplant. Rolling Stone even named him the “Rock Doc” when he started playing music in the OR to calm the patients and staff.


Dr Oz's Father-In-Law: Rock Doc Gerald Lemole Life Balance & Probiotic

Dr Oz chatted with his father-in-law and mentor, Dr Gerald Lemole, who earned the nickname Rock Doc and shared his advice for life balance & probiotics.

His Rock Doc status earned him a spot in the popular board game Trivial Pursuit. Beyond the surface, Dr Lemole has been taking an East meets West approach to medicine for many years, which may be part of the reason Doctor Oz is so open minded on his show. In fact, Dr Oz told the audience that there would be no Dr Oz Show without the example set by Dr Lemole.

Dr Oz: Health Lifestyle Connection

Dr Oz said that Dr Lemole might have been among the first doctors to suggest that there is a link between a patient’s lifestyle and his or her health. That’s something we now know to be true, but Dr Lemole said his wife put him on the right path. She was sending him articles and references that helped shape his opinion.


He also said that physicians are taught to weigh the risks and benefits of a situation, and there is usually very little risk in a patient changing her or his lifestyle, especially given the potential health benefits.

Dr Oz: Colloidal Silver Spray Review

Some of the best tools in Dr Gerald Lemole’s medicine chest include Colloidal Silver Spray. This is a triple threat because it’s antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. You can use it on a wound, a sore throat, or even the common cold.

Dr Oz: Probiotic Supplement Review

A Probiotic Supplement is very useful in regulating the healthy bacteria of your body, according to Dr Lemole. They help to flush out any bad bacteria associated with antibiotics or poor diet choices.

Dr Oz: Love & Gratitude Life Balance

Dr Lemole shared the elements he thinks are keys to a satisfying life and the quality of your work-life balance.

  • Love – human connection
  • Feeling Useful – at work, volunteering, etc.
  • Expectation – looking forward to life events
  • Gratitude – gratitude keeps resentment at bay

Dr Oz: Marriage Advice

Though Dr Lemole has obviously been an influential medical practitioner, Dr Oz said that the favorite advice he has gotten from his father-in-law pertained to his marriage. He suggested that Dr Oz always give in to his wife, Lisa, on the small arguments, so he would be prepared to face the bigger disagreements that can come up in a marriage.

Dr Oz: Doctor’s Mistakes Advice

Heart surgeons make mistakes just like everyone else, but in the operating room those consequences can turn fatal. Doctors do take it to heart when a patient dies in surgery, and Dr Oz asked for Dr Lemole’s perspective on moving forward after failure.

Dr Lemole said that mistakes can make you question your decisions to see what you could have done differently. But he said that you have to take setbacks as opportunities to learn something. For doctors, that could mean saving hundreds more lives.

He went on to say you can apply that to any work that you do, learning from mistakes to help others in future situations.


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