Dr Oz’s Extended Warranty for Your Heart: DHA Omega 3’s & Baby Aspirin


Dr Oz Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Restart Your Body

Dr Oz covered an Underactive Thyroid At-Home Test, tips to Restart Your Liver and now how to extend the warranty on your heart, all as part of his Restart Your Body TV Show. One issue that many people have is their heart health. For years, Doctor Oz has given advice on how to take care of your heart and today was no different. We spend years doing damage to our bodies and unfortunately, the heart is one organ that takes the biggest hits. Today, Doctor Oz revealed three very important ways to change your heart health for the better. The best part; you can start today because with these simple plans, Dr Oz will give you an extended warranty for your heart to help keep it pumping longer.

Dr Oz's Extended Warranty for Your Heart: DHA Omega 3's & Baby Aspirin

Dr Oz's Extended Warranty for Your Heart includes taking DHA Omega 3's & Baby Aspirin.


Emily, an audience member, returned to the stage. Her mother and grandmother had heart disease and she wanted to know what she could do to help prevent it. She told Dr Oz she never had her heart checked because she was scared of the results. Dr Oz stated that she was the reason why he was having this show today. He didn’t want people to be scared any longer. He wanted people to get past that fear so they could live a longer, healthier life.

How to Restart Your Heart

Blood vessels have blood pouring through them. If your blood pressure is high, you may have plaque, which may cause heart attacks. The heart becomes bigger and larger because of the extra work it has to do. Dr Oz said he was concerned whenever he saw an enlarged heart.

Dr Oz: 600 mg DHA Omega 3 Supplements

Take 600 mg supplements 1 x per day. These help reduce bad cholesterol and irregular heartbeats.


Dr Oz: 81 mg Aspirin for Heart Health

If you’re over age 40, take low dose aspirin. Take two 81 mg tablets 1x per day. Aspirin reduces inflammation. Be sure to take it the right way. Drink half of 8 oz water, take pills and then drink the rest of the water. You want the pills to dissolve properly inside your stomach.

Soluble Fiber Improves Your Heart’s Health

Taking 2 servings per day of soluble fiber will help keep your heart healthy. You can start this today.


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