Dr Oz: Wrapping a Severed Fingertip & Saving an Electrocution Victim


Dr Oz: What Would You Do In a Kitchen Emergency?

Backstage, Dr Oz promised that he would teach how to save lives in an emergency. He did this by surprising audience volunteers with scary kitchen scenarios. Learn how to stop a grease fire, wrap a severed fingertip, and save someone from electrocution.

Dr Oz: How To Extinguish a Grease Fire

What should you do if there is a Grease Fire in your kitchen? Dr Oz’s first volunteer was confronted with a scenario where a grease fire started burning out of control on a cooktop.


Though Dr Oz asked her whether to use water, she said not to and suggested covering it with a lid instead. She explained that water would make the grease fire much worse and more dangerous.

Dr Oz: Wrapping a Severed Fingertip & Saving an Electrocution Victim

What should you do in a kitchen emergency? Dr Oz shared Red Cross preparedness advice for wrapping a severed fingertip and saving an electrocution victim.

Water is heavier than grease. Flour and sugar could make things worse. Instead, try turning off the stove and cover the fire with a pot lid to suffocate it so it goes out (do not use a glass lid, which could shatter!). Lipica Shah from the American Red Cross said that one in eight people will experience a cooking fire this year.


Dr Oz: Wrapping a Severed Fingertip

What happens if you cut your finger with a sharp kitchen knife while you are chopping vegetables? Time could be a key factor, and the audience member saving the day here had a thorough explanation.

Do not use water or ice to clean a severed fingertip. Instead, apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Wrap the finger in a damp towel and secure it in a sealed plastic baggie before heading to the emergency room.

Doctor Oz said that putting it on ice would make it impossible to be surgically reattached. Lipica said that 20,000 ER visits annually are from kitchen cuts. Tuck your fingers underneath your hand while chopping, slicing, or dicing.

Dr Oz: Saving an Electrocution Victim

Do you know what to do if someone is being Electrocuted? This can happen in the kitchen if you forget to dry your hands thoroughly. Do not touch someone who is being shocked. Make sure the source of the electricity is unplugged.

Then you can intervene and attempt to awaken the victim. If that doesn’t work, perform CPR as you call 911. Just be sure you do not accidentally electrocute yourself when stepping in.


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