Dr Oz: Women’s Hairy Nipples, Bad Breath & Skin Tag Remedies


Dr Oz: Outrageous Viewer Questions

All year long, Dr Oz has been answering some of the craziest and most personal questions that viewers across America have submitted (including NBA star Shaquille O’Neal). Did you have a chance to toss your question into the mix? Find out how to remove skin tags, get a bad breath remedy, and learn what you can do about hairy nipples with Dr Oz’s answers to these questions and more.

Dr Oz: How To Remove Skin Tags with Dental Floss

Dr Oz: Women's Hairy Nipples & Preventing Boils

Dr Oz shared advice on how to prevent boils when shaving and what causes women's hairy nipples.


The first question for Dr Oz was from Joanne, who complained about the skin tags on her neck. She said jewelry is always getting caught in them, and she wanted to know what can be done about this.

Dr Oz explained that skin tags are benign lesions, and about 25% of the population deals with them. Joanne stepped out of the shadows to get a solution from Dr Oz. He said that friction between skin and clothing (or skin and skin) can cause these Skin Tags over time.

But if you’re among the 25% of people with Skin Tags, the good news is they’re easy to remove. Just use dental floss (or sewing thread), wrapping it around the base of your Skin Tag. This will eventually stop blood flow to the area, and the Skin Tag should fall off on its own within a couple days.


Dr Oz: Postnasal Drip, Tonsils & Bad Breath

A bold husband in the audience called his wife out for having bad breath. He said that her breath is so bad even their dog is offended. The woman, Sharene, was not too mortified to be able to join Dr Oz onstage.

Sharene reported that she notices white clumps sometimes in the back of her throat, and as they grow she ends up having to remove them. Dr Oz took a look deep inside her mouth, and what he found was surprising. Sharene’s tonsils had holes in them, where food was getting lodged.

Dr Oz said this often happens to patients suffering from frequent Postnasal Drip. Holes in the tonsils range from the side of a small seed to the size of a pearl. But you can easily treat this issue. Just rely on an over the counter nasal spray. Alternatively, use a Water Pik to irrigate your tonsils and prevent debris from accumulating.

Dr Oz: Women’s Hairy Nipples

The next question is a common one, but it embarrasses the women it affects. It seems that women everywhere want to know what causes hairy nipples. Dr Oz said this is often associated with Menopause. Audience member Eileen not only admitted to having hairy nipples, but added that her husband liked this.

This is actually a hormonal issue, as Estrogen levels decline with aging. A few hairs here and there is normal. But if you start to notice that you are growing thick male pattern chest hair, it’s time to visit your doctor to balance out your Estrogen Vs Testosterone levels.

Dr Oz: Edamame & Soy for Estrogen

If you have hairy nipples and you are not near Menopausal age, this could be a symptom of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and that’s a good reason to see your doctor as well, because this condition can lead to infertility and other complications.

For women who want to try a natural approach to balancing Estrogen levels after Menopause, Dr Oz recommended eating Soy Nuts and Edamame, which are natural sources of Estrogen. This can also be found in certain oral contraceptive medications.

Dr Oz: Shaving Causes Boils

Another woman wanted to know what to do about a strange growth under her arm. She said she is uncomfortable wearing a bra because it rubs against this area.

Dr Oz examined it and determined it was a boil, and this sometimes happens because of shaving. He said that shaving can irritate or damage hair follicles, resulting in bacteria growth and eventually a boil because the hair cannot penetrate to the skin’s surface.

In some cases, large boils will need to be removed or drained at your doctor’s office. But you can prevent them from forming by applying Olive Oil or Castor Oil to your skin before you shave. Also, using new razor blades helps to give you a smooth, even cut.

Dr Oz: Nail Fungus Remedy

Dr Oz also explained a quick solution for Nail Fungus. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts mouthwash and vinegar. Spray this on the affected area a few times throughout the day.


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