Dr Oz: Why Do We Dream? What Does Your Dream Mean?


Dr Oz: Why Do We Dream?

There’s a good chance you’ve spent some amount of time trying to figure out what your dreams mean, but have you ever wondered we dream in the first place? According to YouTube star Nick Uhas, there are three theories circulating to explain dreams. First was that they’re simply the result of the brain reacting to biochemical changes and electrical impulses that take place while you’re asleep. The second theory is that dreams are a part of the memory consolidation process, or the process of moving memories from short-term to long-term storage.

Third, is that dreams are “the mind talking to itself” or memory analysis. The idea is that to get anything useful out of our memory, the brain needs to process what it just saw, but it can’t do that until you’re asleep. Most importantly, your brain has to take out all the emotions involved in the memory, while keeping a record of the event intact, otherwise you would experience that emotional state all over again.



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