Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz & Whole Grain Stamp for 100% Authentic Product


Dr Oz: Is Multigrain Better Than Whole Grain?

Dr. Oz already shared some of his favorite super grains and most of them were pretty new to me. Have you ever heard of the super grain teff? Dr. Oz said it is a great grain to add to your diet because it is packed full of calcium.

Dr Oz: Multigrain Products Could Be Harmful To Your Health

Dr. Oz is always telling people to buy grains and add them to their diet, however sometimes what you buy at the store may not contain the nutrients you expect to get. Don’t worry though, Dr. Oz had a few tips to help you avoid whole grain advertising traps.


Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz & Whole Grain Stamp for 100% Authentic Product

Dr. Oz came up with a whole grain quiz to test your grain knowledge, and he went over some shopping tips to make sure you get authentic whole grain products.

  • Of the following, which is actually a whole grain imposter: Brown rice, bulgur or bran? – Dr. Oz said bran is not a whole grain. It is actually the outside of the grain but it doesn’t have any of the health benefits of a grain.
  • Which of these choices is the healthiest? Whole grain, seven grain or multigrain? – Dr. Oz said the best answer is whole grain. He suggested staying away from the multigrains because it could have any number of grains. Dr. Oz said some of the multigrains could be bad for you.
  • Which item contains whole grains? Oatmeal or fiber bar? – Dr. Oz said the answer is oatmeal. Just because something says fiber on the package does not mean it is a whole grain product.

Dr Oz: Finding Authentic Whole Grain Products

Dr. Oz said there are two foolproof ways to know if the product you are buying actually contains whole grains.

  • Look for the whole grain stamp on the package. It will state 100 percent whole grain, which means you are getting a product that definitely has whole grains in it.
  • For products without the whole grain stamp, look at the ingredients list and the first ingredident should contain the word “whole.” If it doesn’t, find another product that does.

Dr Oz: Health-Related Nail Art

Dr. Oz said nail art has been popping up all over the place and some of the ones he has seen on the internet are even health-related. Some of his favorites were nail art with fruits and vegetables, another featured a Band-Aid painted onto the fingernail, but Dr. Oz said his favorite was one painted with hearts, stethoscopes and a picture of Dr. Oz.




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