Dr Oz: Whole Foods Not Selling Fish with GMOs & GMO Labeling Deadline


Dr Oz: Are GMOs Dangerous To Your Health?

Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GMOs, have been on the market since 1994. The purpose of GMOs is to lower the risk of disease crops and increase the food supply. They are found in many of the foods you eat everyday, mainly in soy and corn products, and you may not even know it.

But the questions remains, are they hazardous to your health? Many health experts believe GMOs are linked to disease and allergies, with some even believing they could be the cause for autism. Dr. Oz has already touched on the health pros and cons of GMOs but after that show he received a lot of emails from those who were not happy with him sending such a powerful message about a health-realted claim.


Dr Oz: Whole Foods Not Selling Fish with GMOs & GMO Labeling Deadline

Dr. Oz talked with the CEO of Whole Foods, Walter Robb, about labeling foods with GMOs and revealed they won’t sell seafood with GMOs in their store.

Dr Oz: Whole Foods Won’t Sell Genetically Modified Seafood

Recently, Whole Foods made big news when they announced all foods sold in their stores would have to contain a label if the food contained GMOs. They even went as far as to create a labeling deadline for the companies that want to sell their product in Whole Foods stores. The deadline gives companies until 2018 before they have to label their products, except seafood companies. Whole Foods has said they are not going to sell any type of seafood with GMOs.

Dr Oz: Guidelines For Buying Non-GMO Foods

Walter Robb, Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, told Dr. Oz he believes customers have the right to know what they are buying. He said his goal as CEO of the company is to work with food suppliers to make labeling GMO foods mandatory and put it into effect in the next five years. Until then, Robb had some advice for people who want to avoid genetically modified foods.

  1. Choose organic whenever possible because by law those foods cannot contain GMOs.
  2. Robb said Whole Foods has started their Non-GMO initiative as a way to help customers get Non-GMO foods before all the labels are in place. He said there are over 3,500 products to choose from that meet the standards for Non-GMO foods.
  3. Whole Foods will begin creating their own private branded products and have promised transparency throughout the process.

Dr Oz: Whole Foods Will Not Carry Seafood With GMOs

Whole Foods had a big announcement to make on Dr. Oz. They told viewers they are not going to be selling any seafood that contains GMOs, even if the product is labeled. Robb said Whole Foods is committed to the welfare of all animals and fish. He also said once the standards are approved, Whole Foods will no longer be selling poultry with GMOs either.

Dr Oz: GMO Labeling Rejected By Walmart

Dr. Oz reached out to other big food chains, including Walmart, but all of the bigger stores said they have no plans on requiring labels for foods that are genetically modified or contain some type of GMO. He applauded Whole Foods for taking the initiative to make it happen while saying the government, for whatever reason, does not feel as if GMOs need to be labeled. Dr. Oz believes we all have a right to know what goes into our food and the best way we can send the message is through our purchases every single day.


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