Dr Oz: White Bean Extract Pills for Belly Fat & Waist Size Test


Dr Oz: Viewer Ambush Surprises

Most of the time, the people we see on Dr. Oz have taken time out of their schedules to come to his show in the studio. But he knows that many audience members are leading busy lives and can’t make it to his tapings.

That’s why today he decided to surprise viewers going about their daily routines and share health advice with them. Here is some of the advice he revealed to his surprised fans.


Dr Oz White Bean Extract Pills

Your waist size should be half your height, on average, according to Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz: Waist Size Test

First, Dr. Oz visited a circus, going in disguise undercover as the Ringmaster. The audience was shocked to learn that their day at the circus would instead turn into a health screening.

He gave out tape measures and had audience members measure their waists. He said that the average height for a woman is 5’4”, and an average woman’s waist size should measure less than 32.5”. As a rule, your waist should be half your height.


Some women at the circus found that their waists measured between 33 and 39 inches. Shouldn’t they measure the Bearded Lady’s waist just to cover all the bases?

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Warning

Jenn was one woman who measured her waist during the day at the circus, and she was disappointed at what she learned. She said her busy life means she focuses more on taking care of her kids than herself. At 5’8”, her waist should be about 34”, but it’s quite a bit more than that, coming in at 44”.

Dr. Oz said that the waist is a dangerous place for fat to accumulate, because it can be toxic, even blocking hormones from moving through the body. Belly fat is yellow and squishy, and it can poison the liver with toxic chemicals.

Read more about Belly Fat Dangers.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of Belly Fat. The hormone Cortisol, also known as the Stress Hormone, is one of the reasons why we develop belly fat. When we’re stressed, we also eat more, causing food to be stored there. Another consequence of Stomach Fat can be a Fatty Liver, which is very serious.

Doctor Oz: Belly Fat Yoga Stretch

You can try adding a cup of spinach a day to your diet, which has magnesium and also fights Cortisol. Another remedy is a Sound Machine, which can improve your mood while decreasing your stress levels.

Another option is a five-minute Yoga Stretch. Dr. Oz talked about the Triangle Pose, where you stretch your legs, reaching your arms out at your sides, and lean forward, bending to the thigh or calf. Focus on your breathing and reach for the sky. Don’t worry if you aren’t perfect in your first attempts, because flexibility develops over time.

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seeds Fight Belly Fat

If you’re looking for a healthy snack, try a handful of Pumpkin Seeds before a big meal, especially if you plant to eat a lot of carbs. This is a low calorie snack that will actually help prevent your body from accumulating Belly Fat.

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract For Belly Fat

You can use White Bean Extract to reduce inflammation and slow down the rate at which your body breaks down carbs. The recommended dosage is 500 mg a day, before your biggest meal.

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Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Tests

San Francisco is one of the healthiest cities in the US, but no one is immune from Heart Disease. Dr. Oz jumped on a trolley to test passengers’ blood pressure and find out about their heart health.

He said that a normal blood pressure is around 115/75, though some passengers had readings in the range of 140/90, which is the level when doctors start to get concerned about treatment. A paramedic on board had a reading of 150/110, which is a danger sign for strokes.

Dr. Oz invited that paramedic, Ted, to visit his studio. Ted said that after Dr. Oz’s intervention, he worked with a doctor to have blood work and a stress test. The doctor prescribed a Hypertension medication and Ted has made changes to his diet.

Dr. Oz: Blood Pressure Concerns

Chanelle was also on the trolley that day, and her Blood Pressure that day was 150/100, which could’ve landed her in the ER. Chanelle said that she tried to give blood recently, but was turned away because of her high blood pressure.

As a single mom who didn’t have health insurance, Chanelle said she isn’t getting regular checkups. Dr. Oz said that ⅓ Americans have high blood pressure, and it sounds like many of them might not know it.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Guide

Here is a basic guideline to blood pressure readings.

  • Normal – 115/75 or below
  • Pre-Hypertension – 120-140/80-90
  • Hypertension – 140/90 or above

When was your last Blood Pressure check?

Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High Blood Pressure can affect your entire body. Here are some of the warning signs and symptoms.

  • Brain – High Blood Pressure can cause strokes, and not just in seniors. Patients in their 30s and 40s are also at risk.
  • Kidney – High BP can lead to Kidney Failure.
  • Heart – Your High Blood Pressure could lead to Heart Attack, damage to the male anatomy, and skin problems.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Remedies

One method we can all try for fighting high Blood Pressure is taking two baby aspirin each night before bed.

Dr. Oz: Hibiscus Tea for Blood Pressure

Tea can actually help you fight high Blood Pressure. Dr Oz. recommended including three cups of tea in your daily diet, while avoiding caffeine.

It sounds like checking your blood pressure on a regular basis can have many worthwhile health benefits.


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