Dr Oz: What To Carry In Your Purse: Almonds & Ibuprofen


Dr Oz: Purse Essentials

So you know what Dr Oz doesn’t want you to carry inside your purse (see previous article), now check out the 2 essentials Dr Oz believes you need in your purse. Think you know the answers? Dr Oz has Sonya, an audience member, play the game Smackdown! See if you can guess the right answers. Let’s play Smackdown!

Dr Oz: Ibuprofen vs Acetaminophen

1. What should you always carry in your purse for aches and pain? Dr Oz What To Carry In Your Purse
a. Ibuprofen in pill box
b. Acetaminophen in a pill box


Sonya smacked down acetamenophine in a pill box and left ibuprofen standing.

Answer: a. Ibuprofen. Sonya is correct! Ibuprofen has more anti-inflammatory properties. Be sure to use a pill box to carry the medication. Doctor Oz warns that if you find yourself using ibuprofen every day, you should make a visit to your doctor. Ibuprofen is for short-term pain use. Chronic use may indicate other issues.

Dr Oz: Handbag Essentials

2. What should you keep in your purse to keep from getting hungry?
a. Walnuts
b. Almonds


Sonya smacked down walnuts and left almonds standing. Was she correct?

Answer: b. Almonds. Sonya was correct again! Dr Oz says to keep ¼ C of almonds inside your purse to beat hunger pains. Don’t use walnuts because they contain a fragile fat that goes rancid at room temperature. (Yuck! Almonds it is then.)

Sonya won as much of the nuts and ibuprofen as she wanted. (Dr Oz was kidding-who knew he had a sense of humor?) Sonya really won a Dr Oz bag full of Dr Oz Approved goodies.


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