Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Diets in First Grade & Effects of Yo-Yo Dieting


Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Learned How To Be No-Nonsense From Parents

Wendy Williams is a no-nonsense kind of person and she said she learned it from her parents. She said she is the middle child in a family of talkers so she learned from an early age if she wanted to get her point across she would need to say what she needed to say quickly and loudly before anyone cut her off.

Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Diets in First Grade & Effects of Yo-Yo Dieting

Dr. Oz invited Wendy Williams on his show to talk with her about her yo-yo dieting, why she started dieting in the first grade and feeling good about herself.
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Wendy Williams Weighed 150 Pounds At Age 12

Wendy Williams has always been a large person. At the age of 12 she weighed 150 pounds and was a few inches shy of being six-feet-tall. While she said it is because she is a big boned person, her height and weight affected her greatly when she was younger. She has never been to a prom and she didn’t get asked out much but she was not what she called a “fatso.”

Those times set the foundation for who she is today, she told Dr. Oz. She said she walks tall now and she is glad she has been able to move past those times. Williams said she weighs 175 pounds now and she is feeling good about herself for the first time in her life.

Wendy Williams: Dieting In First Grade

Wendy Williams has always had what she calls a messy relationship with food. In the first grade her parents had her on a diet of tuna fish and raisins, which pushed her to sneak eat when no one was looking. Because she wasn’t allowed to have seconds at dinner, she would sneak them. Because she couldn’t have snacks, she would hide them under her bed.


While she claims not to sneak eat any longer, she said she does like to eat by herself, a product of her childhood when she was eating by herself all the time.

Wendy Williams Gained 100 Pounds When Pregnant

When Williams was pregnant with her son Kevin, she gained 103 pounds. After he was born, she only lost four pounds the first couple of days. She was devastated. She needed something to help her lose weight so she underwent liposuction and a tummy tuck to help her on her way to losing weight.

Wendy Williams Yo-Yo Dieting

Dr. Oz knows the dangers of yo-yo dieting and he wanted to show Wendy Williams the damage she could have done to her body with all her dieting. While she didn’t seem too embarrassed by all her diets, which included a gum diet, a chef salad diet and bulimia, Dr. Oz said the diets could have taken a toll on her heart.

He brought her over to a table with two hearts, one enlarged heart and one normal heart to show her what could have happened to her heart.


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