Dr Oz Weight Loss Tea: Pu-Erh, White Tea, Chickweed & Bilberry Teas


Dr Oz: Weight Loss Tea Reviews

Have you been trying to lose weight but don’t want to give up your favorites? Dr Oz shared some great tips, including a Butt Diet Brownie Recipe, Healthy Fast Food, and even Coconut Palm Sugar to help you slim down without sacrificing. But if that’s not your cup of tea, maybe you’d prefer some weight loss advice that actually involves tea. Dr Oz shared the health and weight loss benefits of popular teas, including Pu-Erh Tea, White Tea, Chickweed Tea, and Bilberry Tea. See which one sounds right for you.

To help explain the different varieties of tea, Dr Oz turned to Bryce Wylde, host of Wild On Health. Bryce is an expert in alternative medicine, and he was excited to bring some of the weight loss secrets that could be lurking at your local tea shop. As an added bonus, most teas will soothe your appetite, which keeps you from craving snacks. Maybe that’s how the Royal Family stays in such good shape.


Dr Oz: Pu-Erh Tea Review


Dr Oz Weight Loss Tea Reviews

Dr Oz shared Weight Loss Tea Reviews, with tea recommendations for different times of the day.

Pu-Erh Tea hails from East China, and it’s a great tea to start your morning. On Dr Oz, the suggested allowance was two cups for breakfast. This type of tea is fermented, just like some of our favorite wines and cheeses. You may have to look for it in a teacake, but you won’t need sugar because it’s naturally sweet, despite its garlic acids.


Dr Oz: White Tea Review

White Tea is a fat buster’s friend, because it blocks your body from absorbing fat. This is a great midday tea, so try sipping on two cups around lunchtime to keep the fat off. How can a tea get these kinds of results? The active ingredient is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), and it’ll fuel your body’s natural fat burning impulses and reduce stress. If you’re looking for a tea that’s not too sweet, with a smooth finish, White Tea is for you.

Dr Oz: Chickweed Tea Review

Chickweed Tea is actually a mild laxative popular in Europe and some parts of North America. It helps with bloating because it reduces your water weight. Plus, the Magnesium and Potassium it contains will help keep your bowels cleaned out. This tea is best in the late afternoon (which is formal tea time, isn’t it?). Chickweed has a fruity flavor and can be found with other herbal teas at your local shop.

Dr Oz: Bilberry Tea Review

There’s still one more tea to go, and as you can probably tell, Dr Oz and Bryce were going through the teas by time of day. Bilberry Tea is perfect just before dinner, because it’s more savory than some of the other options. That helps regulate your blood sugar.

Though Dr Oz called the taste slightly medicinal, it is rich in antioxidants and comes from a plant that’s similar to a Blueberry bush.

Do any of these sound like your ideal cup of tea? Share your experiences or other favorites in the comments.


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