Dr Oz Weather & Health: Clear2O Water Filter Review


Dr Oz: Weather & Health

Have you ever thought about how your health and the weather are related? Do you wonder how one affects the other? Dr Oz said that specific weather events can trigger certain health problems in some people. To explain the details, he invited The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore to explain the connections between allergies & lower temperatures, asthma & thunderstorms, and even headaches & humidity. Plus, check out a Clear2O Water Filter review.

Dr Oz Weather & Health: Headaches & Humidity

Dr Oz Weather & Health: Clear2O Water Filter Review

Dr Oz explored the connection between weather & health symptoms, including a review of the Clear2O Water Filter.


During typical or mild weather, blood flows normally to the brain. But when it’s hot and humid, we start to become dehydrated. This can lead to thickening of the blood, causing headaches.

What do you do in this situation? Drink Coconut Water to keep yourself hydrated. They recommended drinking this about 30 minutes before you have to go outside in the heat.

Allergies & Lower Temperatures: Dr Oz Weather & Health

Mucus gets stuck in your nose more easily when it’s cold outside. If your eyes aren’t itchy and watering, you may not actually be having an allergy attack. But if you’re having symptoms, try an over the counter saline spray. This is a natural, affordable remedy for allergy problems. You could also try an oral decongestant to break up any mucus that’s trapped in your nose.


Dr Oz also advocated for his favorite remedy, the Neti Pot. Just fill the pot with water and a dash of salt. Tip your head to one side and pour water into one nostril. Then it should come back out the other side. Make sure to switch sides and repeat the process so you’re cleansing everything.

Asthma & Thunderstorms: Dr Oz Weather & Health

Dirt and pollen in our atmosphere are typical causes of asthma. Thunderstorms can often kick up these irritants, which is why it’s a good idea to shut your windows at home or turn off the vents in your car during stormy weather if you suffer from Asthma.

You can also do a stretch, pushing your hands above your head and reaching toward the sky. This has the added effect of calming you, which is useful no matter what the forecast is outdoors.

Clear2O Water Filter Review

Did you know your shower head could be getting you sick? You might be inhaling bacteria from the shower head, so Dr Oz recommended running it through your dishwasher about once per month.

Also, you should air dry your dishes on a drying rack. Don’t put them away wet, because this can lead to bacterial growth.

Last, Dr Oz suggested the Clear2O Water Filter, which can help remove some particles from your water. This product claims to filter water into your container in just over 30 seconds. Does this sound like something you’d use?

Are you surprised at how much weather affects our health?


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