Dr Oz Warning Signs & Ultimate Health Guide from A to Z


Dr Oz: Health Warning Signs

Have you been noticing or ignoring subtle body pains lately? What you may not realize is those minor pains could be early warning signs, and that your body is trying to communicate with you. That was the topic of the day for Doctor Oz, who also shared his A to Z Health Guide to keep us all feeling our best.

First up, Dr Oz himself took to New York City’s Central Park to ask people about their most pressing health concerns, which included everything from flatulence to aging. Of course, other people admitted to needing more sleep (who doesn’t?), while still others are addicted to caffeine or struggling with zits.


Dr Oz: Health Warnings

Could you be suffering from Heart Disease, Diverticulitis, or Alzheimer's Disease and not know it? Learn the warning signs.

These New Yorkers were open about everything from their ugly feet to their hangovers, to a distressingly named condition: Runner’s Diarrhea. Whether your health concerns are inside or outside the body, Dr Oz tried to offer advice and solutions for everyone.

Doctor Oz: Diverticulitis

Back in the studio, audience member Ashley complained about Abdominal Pain. She said she is bloated after eating a big meal. While many cases of bloating are nothing to get excited about, this can sometimes be a warning sign of Diverticulitis.


It was purple glove time for Ashley as Dr. Oz showed her what a Colon looks like when it has holes in it. These holes are caused by stool that is squeezed too hard, and it happens to ⅔ of the population, which seems like a lot.

Dr Oz: Abdominal Pain & Diverticulitis

These holes in the colon can trap feces, and eventually this can lead to inflammation and Diverticulitis. For example, the fecal matter that is supposed to be inside the colon ends up on the outside.

If you have Abdominal Pain centralized on your lower left side, or pain accompanied with high fever, it may be time to call the doctor, because these are signs of Diverticulitis.

Dr Oz: Urinary Tract Infection

Next up was Briana, who said she has Frequent Urination problems, and Dr Oz said this is a possible sign of a Urinary Tract Infection. These are caused by bacteria in the urine that travels from the bladder to your kidneys.

Minor symptoms are redness and inflammation, but you may be as surprised as the audience to learn that a UTI can move all the way up to your heart, where it could actually kill you.

Dr Oz: Rapid Heart Rate & UTI

If you have symptoms such as Fever and Rapid Heart Rate, you could be suffering from a UTI. Other symptoms include rapid breathing as well as back pain, which is associated with the kidneys. If just touching your back causes a pain response, this suggests you have a Kidney Infection. Better safe than sorry: these symptoms should prompt you to see your doctor ASAP.

Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Disease Blindfold Smell Test

Dr Oz turned to Christine, who complained that she is noticing changes in smell. There is reason to be alarmed, because this can be an early warning of Alzheimer’s Disease. One way to test for this is by doing a blindfold test.

Christine put on a blindfold and smelled a variety of distinctive aromas, such as: strawberries; smoke; pineapple; cherry; soap; lemons; leather; rose; natural gas; peppermint; clove; and lilac. If you are not suffering from Alzheimer’s, you should be able to pick out at least nine of the smells on Dr. Oz’s list.

Doctor Oz: Heart Disease

Danielle complained to Dr Oz about her dizzy spells. Believe it or not, this could be an indicator of Heart Disease. Your heart is pumping Oxygen to the brain, and when it’s working properly it leads to normal blood pressure. But when Oxygenated Blood isn’t making its way to the brain, you may experience Dizziness.

Other warning signs for Heart Disease include Shortness of Breath, Sweating, and Nausea. Jaw and neck pain are concerns as well. If you have any symptoms like these, or other problems that don’t make sense, you want to check in with your healthcare provider for an evaluation.


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