Dr Oz: Warehouse Bulk Shopping Bargains Include Organic Chicken


Dr. Oz: Warehouse Bulk Shopping

Are you a warehouse store shopper? Millions of Americans pony up an annual membership fee for access to bulk shopping discounts. But how much are you really saving?

If you have one of these memberships, you may have wondered this yourself. That’s why Doctor Oz invited consumer expert Andrea Woroch to share her insights about how to get the best deals on your next shopping trip.


Dr Oz: Warehouse Bulk Shopping

Learn how to save money and what to avoid when shopping at your local big box warehouse store.

Andrea said it’s a myth that warehouse stores offer the best prices on everything they sell. In fact, you might actually end up spending more money on warehouse products if you don’t keep an eye out for deals.

Dr. Oz: Warehouse Stores & Vitamins

Andrea said one item you can save on at your local warehouse shopping center is vitamins. For example, you can get 250 vitamins in a bulk box for about $20, saving you over $40 a year.


Another tip she had was that you should purchase lower dose vitamins, because they can be a better value. Andrea also said that products like Ibuprofen, that have expiration dates, may not be a wise bulk purchase. Generic store brands can save you even more money, and that’s a tip I’ve been taking to the bank for years.

Dr. Oz: Organic Chicken Warehouse Prices

At $4.99 a pound, you can really rack up savings on Organic Chicken at your local warehouse club store. The average grocery store price for antibiotic-free Organic Chicken can be $8.99 a pound, almost double the warehouse price.

This can add up to over $400 saved over the course of a year, which is more than enough to make a club membership worth your while, especially if chicken is a big part of your diet.

However, Andrea advised against stocking up on frozen foods like vegetables, which are susceptible to freezer burn when purchased in bulk.

Dr. Oz: Is Bulk Shampoo a Good Deal?

You can get a large bottle of Shampoo for around $6 at your big box retailer, and the best part is it will never expire.

However, according to Andrea, you are likely to lose money on bulk toothpaste or toothbrushes, if you break down the unit price. She recommends getting these items at a regular grocery store or even a dollar store, which does carry name brand products.

Dr Oz: Canned Salmon in Bulk

Canned Salmon is high in protein, and Dr. Oz recommends it for the health benefits. Andrea said it’s a good bulk purchase, and you can throw it into your salad or make a spread out of it.

Dr Oz: Bulk Pearl Barley

This product boosts your metabolism and can cost as low as 10 cents an ounce when purchased in bulk. Since it lasts an entire year, you can stock up on it and swap it for soup in your diet.

Dr. Oz: Bulk Organic Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans are another approved bulk purchase, according to Andrea. They can save you up to 50%, and drinking coffee regularly can lower your heart disease risk, according to Dr. Oz.

Do you have a warehouse club membership? Do these savings deals make you want to go out and get one?


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