Dr Oz Wallet Card Cutout & Money Saving Grocery Cheat Sheet


Dr. Oz Double Your Groceries

Dr. Oz was joined by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach, to show you how to double your groceries without spending a penny more!  You’ll  never buy meat or seafood the same way again.  Plus, you will  never believe the number one item that you are paying too much for at the store.  And my personal favorite, Dr. Oz’s Wallet Card Cutout of Money Saving Grocery Cheat Sheet will tell you exactly how much you should be paying per pound of various meat and chicken so that you will know if you are getting a good deal or not!  Food is the third biggest expense for households in America, so this is a great area to optimize to save some money!



Dr. Oz’s Grocery Cheat Sheet

First, lets take a look at the 6 money-saving tips that Dr. Oz and Lynnette Khalfani-Cox shared:

1. Do An Inventory Once a Month

Check your fridge, freezer and pantry so that you know what you have and what you don’t  have.  What do you need to use up so that it won’t go bad? Keep your inventory up-to-date!

2. Plan Your Meals Based On The Ads

Rather thank planning your meals and then trying to find where to get the ingredients on sale, look at what is on sale first and plan your meals based on that!


3. Dr. Oz: The Butcher’s Secret

Dr. Oz said the Butcher’s Secret is a well-guarded secret that can save you tons of money.  Ask the butcher for the biggest cut of meat that you can afford, and then have him or her cut it down however you want.  If you don’t need the bone or other parts, have them discard that so you don’t pay for something you won’t use.  The average person eats 70 pounds of meat a year, so this tip alone will save you $600 over a year!

4. Buy Frozen Seafood

The seafood counter is a bad deal, especially the items marked as previously frozen.  They are charging you 40% more for the convenience of thawing out the fish for you.

5. Dr Oz: Grocery Home Delivery

Did you know that your grocery may offer home delivery free of charge?  Plus, Dr. Oz said that a lot of stores are giving extra coupons and discounts to encourage you to use this service.  So you have save time AND money – win-win!!!

6. Dr Oz: Price Per Unit

Dr. Oz reminded us to keep the price per unit in mind when shopping.  You can save a ton of money on toilet paper, household items and food.  You will easily save 10% this way.  Khalfani-Cox said that if her or her husband see chicken for $1 per pound, she buys extra and freezes it even.

Dr. Oz Wallet Card Cutout for Grocery Store

Always keep the following list of average price per pound with you to compare when you are at the grocery:

Chicken (boneless breast) —– $3.20

Beef (ground) ——————- $3.45

Pasta (spaghetti) ————— $1.27

Rice (long grain, uncooked) — $0.70

Milk (whole) ——————- $3.44

Eggs —————————– $1.58

Dr. Oz: Buy Dairy At Drugstores

One final money-saving tip from Dr. Oz!!! Do not buy dairy items at your grocery store.  Instead, buy dairy, eggs and cheese at your drugstore!  It is actually cheaper there because they use it as a loss leader to get you into the store, hoping that you will pick-up  other random items along the way.


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