Dr Oz Vs IHateDrOz.com Husbands: Men’s Lifesaving Health Tests


Dr Oz Vs Haters: IHateDrOz.com

If you’ve ever dealt with someone you didn’t get along with, you know it can be stressful. Now imagine being Dr Oz, giving advice to people around the world every day, and spawning a hate website, IHateDrOz.com, where husbands go to gripe about the information their wives nag them about after watching the show. Dr Oz confronted some of his haters today, turning the tables on them with critical medical advice about Blood Pressure, Prostate Exams and even a Hand Oil Stress Relief Recipe.

I Hate Dr Oz: Patrick & Shane

IHateDrOz.com: Dr Oz Vs Husbands

Dr Oz faced off with husbands who hate him from IHateDrOz.com and shared three critical tests for men's health.


The men behind I Hate Dr Oz say they don’t mind their wives being informed, but they’re sick of being nagged about their health. Dr Oz invited the men behind the website, Patrick and Shane, to talk about their issues on national TV. Do you think this encounter will change their minds about Dr Oz?

Shane admitted that he doesn’t mind learning about his health, but he’s tired of hearing about it nonstop, every day. Patrick said he is overwhelmed by the advice his wife tries to share with him. Dr Oz suggested a compromise: if the men submitted to three health tests, he’d suggest that their wives lay off.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Test

Anthony has been married to his wife Danna for years, and thanks to Dr Oz’s show, Danna has Anthony taking about 20 vitamins every day.


Danna agreed to lay off the vitamin regimen if Anthony would agree to have his blood pressure checked. Blood Pressure management is key to avoiding heart attacks and aging. High Blood Pressure can also lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Dr Oz said that a healthy BP is around 115/75. But if the top number climbs to 135 or higher, or the bottom number jumps to 85 or above, you have twice the risk for stroke and heart attack. One way to make sure you’re getting the most accurate reading is to have your BP taken in both arms.

You can even check your Blood Pressure at home (Dr Oz recently featured the Omron Monitor, if you’re looking for a recommendation). Dr Oz reported that Anthony’s reading was 160/113 in one arm and 157/121 in the other. Those numbers are very high, and Dr Oz told Anthony he has a heart attack risk five times that of the average person. Blood Pressure this high can take years off your life.

Cut Salt To Prevent Heart Attack & Stroke

Dr Oz mentioned one big way that you can reduce your risk of Heart Attack or Stroke. It’s all about salt, and you want to get your salt intake under control. According to the Centers for Disease Control, bread is the #1 source of Salt in the average diet, which means you probably should cut back on that also.

Here are some other common salt sources that might surprise you:

  • Mustard
  • Soy Sauce
  • MSG
  • Smoked Barbecue Meat

Dr Oz: Prostate Exam

The next Dr Oz hater, Lee, said his wife Sara is always spouting Dr Oz’s rules in daily situations. She doesn’t want him to leave the toilet seat up because of the chance for Fecal Spray.

But there’s one personal issue Dr Oz wanted to address for Lee and the other haters on the show. He did a faux prostate exam, explaining that doctors will check during the exam for smooth, symmetrical sides. They are searching for nodules, but hopefully none are present in a healthy prostate.

Dr Oz: Blood Glucose Test

A wife named Gigi complained to Dr Oz about her husband, Julio. She said he is very forgetful, even though he takes supplements to improve his memory. Julio tried to play it off, but ultimately admitted that Alzheimer’s Disease runs in his family.

Dr Oz said there is believed to be a correlation between Alzheimer’s Disease and blood sugar. For example, if your resting Blood Sugar reading is above 100, you are at an increased chance for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Before the show began, Dr Oz tested Julio and found his Blood Sugar or Blood Glucose reading was right at 100, which Dr Oz called “borderline.” Numbers above 100 are classified as Pre-Diabetic.

Dr Oz: Couples Health Advice

The point of these three critical tests is that the women in your life are nagging you because they’re concerned about your health. Dr Oz suggested that couples find ways they can improve their health together. These ideas included:

Floss together. Flossing can actually lower your risk of Heart Disease.
Take Fish Oil. This supplement improves Cholesterol, and Dr Oz suggested a 600 mg DHA dosage.

Dr Oz: Hand Oil Stress Relief Recipe

Dr Oz’s final tip was a quick and easy Hand Oil Stress Relief Recipe. Just mix Tarragon and Olive Oil in a small bottle, and use it to give your partner a five-minute hand massage. This will lower your levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone.


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