Dr Oz Vs Dr Joe Mercola: Flu Shots, Tanning Beds & Coconut Oil Reviews


Dr Oz: Do You Trust Your Doctor?

It’s a question that most of us take for granted when we need medical advice: do you trust your doctor? The answer for most of us is probably yes, but Dr Oz’s controversial guest said that you might want to think about your answer. He shared some eye opening facts and explained the criticisms he gets for his controversial points of view. It was Dr Oz vs Dr Joe Mercola about topics including Vitamin D, Flu Shots, and Coconut Oil.

Who Is Joe Mercola?

Dr Joe Mercola is a guru of alternative medicine, and he said there are certain situations in which you should never trust your doctor. His popular website generates millions of visits, and each time he appears with Dr Oz, he butts heads with the host.


Dr Mercola said his motivations for attending med school were to learn how to be healthy. But as a medical practitioner, he saw that the prescriptions he was writing weren’t getting to the root of his patients’ problems. He said that drugs don’t treat the disease, but only relieve the symptoms. He said this point of view has made him a pariah among physicians and the pharmaceutical industry.

Joe Mercola Criticisms

Dr Oz Vs Dr Joe Mercola: Vitamin D Tanning Beds

Is it safe to get your Vitamin D intake from tanning beds? Dr Oz and Dr Joe Mercola faced off.

Going against the machine has gotten Joe Mercola quite a reputation, including nicknames like “snake oil salesman,” “quack,” and “charlatan.” The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accused him of making false claims on his website. According to Dr Mercola, this is because he shared the truth about Vioxx, an FDA-approved drug that he said has killed more than 60,000 patients.


Dr Mercola said that in the wake of these thousands of deaths, Merck, the company behind the drug, paid about $16,000 for each death and no criminal charges were ever filed. He said he believes he is just giving consumers a full perspective on controversial health topics.

Dr Oz Vs Dr Joe Mercola

Dr Oz said that Dr Mercola has been on the cutting edge of some healthcare hot topics and has even changed Dr Oz’s perspective somewhat on prescription drugs. Dr Mercola explained that he has evolved throughout his career into an advocate for patients and health. He wanted to share information and help patients take control of their own health, instead of being at the mercy of their doctors.

Dr Oz: Tanning Beds Vitamin D

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? This is an important natural component of our diets, affecting thousands of our genes, and it’s critical to ensure that you are getting enough. Dr Mercola advocated skipping the supplements and spending the winter months getting Vitamin D through a tanning bed.

But Dr Oz noted that tanning beds are believed to be a carcinogen (causing cancer). Dr Mercola said that UVB rays are better for your health and Vitamin D intake than UVA rays, which is what you’re getting if you hear a hum from your tanning bed. Dr Oz said that UVB rays are more likely to cause a sunburn. On the other hand, UVA rays give you a tan without leaving a burn. Of course, one of the best natural sources of Vitamin D is the sun itself, which like UVB rays converts Cholesterol to Vitamin D.

Vitamin D: Supplements Vs Tanning

Supplements are another Vitamin D option. But Dr Mercola cautioned that users avoid synthetic oral Vitamin D 2. Instead, he suggested natural Vitamin D 3, at a dosage of 8000 units daily to maintain therapeutic levels. (Dr Oz, on the other hand, recommended a much more conservative 1000 daily units.)

Dr Oz was willing to give a little on the tanning bed, but said that if you’re going that route, you should choose a bed with only UVB rays. Check with your local tanning salon for details and information about the beds they use.

Dr Oz: Do Flu Shots Work?

Each winter, we’re strongly encouraged to visit the doctor’s office or pharmacy for a flu shot. But Dr Mercola noted that even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are equivocal about their effectiveness, with no study data on adults over age 65.

That doesn’t stop the CDC from claiming that flu shots save countless lives, but Dr Mercola calls their data reporting methods “ridiculous.” Dr Oz defended flu shots, pointing out that they’re cutting the number of pneumonia patients, which is also a life-saver.

Dr Mercola advocated for skipping the flu shot and letting your body build up its own natural immunities.

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil & Saturated Fats

Dr Mercola also pushed another of Dr Oz’s buttons by recommending Coconut Oil, a saturated fat. It contains fatty acids believed to aid the Thyroid Gland, as well as Lauric Acid, which is found naturally in breast milk. Dr Oz said if you’re incorporating this into your diet, you should use it to replace bad fats instead of good fats.


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