Dr Oz: Are You Vitamin D Deficient? + When & How Much To Take


Dr Oz: Lacking In Vitamin D

Dr Oz kicked off his show by talking about the number one thing we all need more of. He said there’s one nutrient that 75% of us aren’t getting enough of, and it’s a lack of that nutrient that can cause heart disease, memory loss, weight gain, depression, and cancer. The nutrient he’s talking about is vitamin D and he wants to know how you’re getting it and whether you’re getting enough.

Dr Oz: Are You Vitamin D Deficient? + How Much & When To Take It?

Dr Oz explained why 75% of us are vitamin D deficient and how you can make sure you’re getting enough. (Donjiy / Shutterstock.com)


Some possible reasons for not getting enough vitamin D include not spending enough time in the sun or because you live north of Atlanta; geography is a factor in terms of absorption from the sun. It could also be because you’re not eating the right foods, or because you’re simply getting older and need more of it. Dr Oz was ready to show you how to get more vitamin D.

Dr Oz: Do You Need More Vitamin D?

To find out if you could be in need of more vitamin D, ask yourself: do you spend more than eight hours a day indoors? Also, are you overweight or would you consider yourself moody? Finally, do you have trouble concentrating? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you could be vitamin D deficient.

Dr Oz welcomed three women who are low in vitamin D. Christine admitted to dealing with depression and moodiness, so she tried vitamin D. For Deb, she had high blood pressure until she started taking vitamin D. Rita had severe pain until she raised her vitamin D levels.


Dr Oz: Ways To Get Vitamin D

Dr Oz shared the best way of getting your vitamin D: pill-form supplements. Dr Oz said it’s hard to eat enough of the foods that contain vitamin D in order to be sufficient in it, and it’s hard to get enough sun exposure throughout the year in certain places, especially while working a full-time job.

Dr Oz: Treat Problems With Vitamin D + How Much Should You Take?

Dr Oz listed problems that could be addressed with vitamin D and those problems included dementia, depression, thyroid conditions, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, and pain. But the big question is: how much do you need?

Dr Oz said he believes vitamin D is the most important supplement we can take. Dr Oz has consistently said on his show to take 1,000 units of vitamin D, but said that may not be enough for some people, saying it wasn’t enough for him. Dr Oz said in America, a good vitamin D level is around 30, and he said if he wasn’t taking 2,000 IU of vitamin D, he wouldn’t be there right now.

Dr Oz said to start by taking 1,000 IU of vitamin D a day and if two months later you haven’t noticed a difference, try upping it to 2,000 IU. Dr Oz said we don’t want acceptable, we want optimal, and a level of 30 is the minimal. Dr Oz said people living like we used to years ago have vitamin D levels in the 50s, so the optimal level is in that range. Dr Oz then explained that finding the right dose of vitamin D can be hard in multivitamins. Make sure your multivitamin contains enough vitamin D.

Dr Oz: When Should You Take Vitamin D

Dr Oz then advised that your vitamin D supplement should be taken with the largest meal of the day for better absorption. He said you absorb 50% more of it that way and get the maximum benefit.


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