Dr Oz: Vitamin A Dosage & Vitamin E Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer


Dr Oz: Antioxidants Could Be Causing Cancer

Dr. Oz has always recommended antioxidants to his audience because of their ability to help fight disease and prevent cancer, but new research is questioning the ability of antioxidants to do anything besides harm the body. Could taking antioxidants be putting you at risk for cancer?

Dr Oz: Too Many Antioxidant Supplements Harmful To the Body

Dr. Russell Greenfield believes it is absolutely possible for antioxidant supplements to cause us more harm than good mostly because we are getting too many antioxidants. Dr. Greenfield said he bought into the powerful benefits of antioxidants, taking supplements himself and even recommending them to his patients, but he admitted it could have a reverse effect.


Dr Oz: Vitamin A Dosage & Vitamin E Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer

Dr. Oz went over how taking too much vitamin E can raise a man’s risk for prostate cancer, and he gave his new recommended dosage for vitamin A.

Dr. Greenfield said the concern lies in antioxidant supplements, not foods that contain antioxidants naturally. He said by taking too many antioxidants a person can be causing harm to their body because the body may be getting rid of too many free radicals. This leads to another question of how many free radicals the body should have in the first place.

Dr Oz: Vitamin E Supplement Increases Man’s Risk of Prostate Cancer

Dr.Greenfield explained that all antioxidant supplements are not the same. He does not suggest avoiding antioxidant supplements entirely, but he did say we need to take a step back and take a closer look at what we are putting in our bodies. We need to read the labels of everything we are taking and we need to understand how much of an antioxidant we really need because too many people are overdosing on antioxidants according Dr. Greenfield.


Check out his recommendations for vitamins below:

Vitamin A – Vitamin A provides beta carotene, found in carrots and other health foods, except in the case of smokers. If a smoker takes too much beta carotene it can up their risk for certain cancers.

Vitamin C – This is another questionable vitamin when taken as a supplement according to Dr. Greenfield. He said there is simply no good data that suggests vitamin C in supplement form will prevent cancer, so he said it is best to stick to foods as your best sources for Vitamin C.

Vitamin E – Taken in too high a dose in supplement form, Vitamin E has been shown to increase a man’s risk for prostate cancer.

Selenium – In high doses, Selenium has been shown to increase your risk for skin cancer up to 25 percent.

Dr Oz: Antioxidants Added To Processed Foods

Dr. Greenfield said he is very bothered when he sees antioxidants as an added ingredient in packaged foods. With these antioxidants added to our food, it means we are taking in larger amounts of antioxidants through our diets plus taking even more when we take supplements, which can put our health at risk.

Dr. Greenfield said another concern of his is these added antioxidants are found in highly processed foods, which are the types of foods we should be avoiding in our diets.

Dr Oz: Vitamin A New Suggested Dose

Dr. Oz offered his personal recommendation if you are taking an antioxidant supplement. He suggested purchasing low-dose multivitamins that provide the same amount of nutrients you would get if you ate a healthy meal. Taking any more antioxidants could be considered a pharmaceutical dose, something you do not need. For the first time on his show, Dr. Oz said he is going to change his recommendations for the different supplements he recommends.

Vitamin A – Dr. Oz’s new suggested dose is 2,500 IUs per day


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