Dr Oz: Vanity Sizing & Why Jean Sizes Vary Depending On The Store


Dr Oz: Why Are Jean Size Different Based On The Store?

Defeated, hopeless, and humiliated are all words women have used to describe shopping for jeans. Chances are, you’ve had the same experience. So why jeans never seem to fit right? Why do they cost so much money? And why does jean shopping cause so much stress and anxiety that it even affects your health? Dr Oz’s entire audience was decked out in denim and he first turned to a woman who expressed frustration over fitting into different size jeans depending on the store she’s in. As exciting as it can be to fit into a smaller size, it’s downright frustrating when you walk two stores over and fit into a size that’s two sizes larger.

It’s known as vanity sizing and Dr Oz sent Elisabeth Leamy to find out why.



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