Dr Oz: Vaginal Farts Vs Rectal Farts & Vaginal Fart Prevention


Dr Oz: Embarrassing Farting

Dr Oz is always brave and bold about tackling the most delicate and sensitive of questions, usually in some explosive or graphic way. This episode was no different, with his butt itch remedy and many more awkward questions waiting to be answered. Have you ever heard of Vaginal Farts? Well, now you have, so let’s find out what they are and why they happen.

Dr Oz: What Are Vaginal Farts?

Dr Oz: Vaginal Farts Vs Rectal Farts & Vaginal Fart Prevention

Dr Oz explored the surprising topic of vaginal farts. Learn what causes them and the difference between a vaginal fart vs a rectal fart; prevention method.


You never know what questions are going to be asked on these no-holds-barred episodes. Dr Oz said even he was surprised by the next question, but he and his expert guest agreed their next audience member was brave for even broaching the topic.

This woman said she knows it’s normal to fart from your butt, but what about farting from your vagina? Making the problem even more sensitive for her is the fact that she never seems to know when this is going to happen.

Dr Oz: Vaginal Fart Vs Rectal Fart

Gynecologist Dr Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz said that this is a common problem, but it’s something that so many people don’t talk about that it’s hard to know how often it actually happens. She believes the estimate that this affects 10-20% of women is probably low, because most women are embarrassed to admit this problem.


I guess the good news is that there is nothing to worry about medically in terms of vaginal farts. Dr Gilbert-Lenz explained that you can figure out how to avoid them in a couple different ways. First, you can work out the muscle that causes this problem, just like you would if you really had to go to the bathroom.

Dr Oz: Vaginal Fart Prevention

The difference with vaginal farts vs rectal farts is that with a rectal fart, the air is coming from inside your body. With vaginal farts, the air enters the vagina from outside the body.

Dr Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz said that if you start to feel vaginal farts coming on, that is the time to tightly clench that muscle to prevent the air from being released at an inopportune time. Now you know something new, right?


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