Dr Oz: Unique Microwave Uses + Get More Out Of Your Mascara


Dr Oz: Surprising Uses For Your Microwave

I was incredibly excited about Dr Oz’s next segment: surprising things your microwave can do. As he said, we all  know that our microwave can be used to reheat leftovers and make popcorn, but he said it may actually be the most versatile kitchen appliance and you’re not using it to its fullest potential.

Dr Oz: Unique Microwave Uses + Get More Out Of Your Mascara

Dr Oz shared unique uses for your microwave that you would have never expected, including using it to get more life out of your mascara. (Maxx-Studio / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Get More Out Of Your Mascara

First, Dr Oz heard from a blogger who uses her microwave to get an extra life out of her mascara. She explained that you simply take a cup of water, throw it in the microwave for just a little bit, and then place your mascara tube into the water, letting it sit for 30 seconds until the waxes and oils melt down, making it soft to use. She said you should test it on the back of your hand before putting it on your eye to make sure it’s not too hot.

Dr Oz: Avoid Tears While Chopping Onions

Dr Oz then talked to Sunny, who explained that she loves to cook and is constantly chopping onions. She said you place an onion on top of a wet paper towel in your microwave for 20-30 seconds, and then take it out and start slicing. No tears!

Dr Oz: Unique Uses For Your Microwave

Amy, The Cooking Mom, shared the next tip. She slices sweet potatoes really thin, drizzles them with olive oil, seasons them with sea salt, and then spread them out on parchment paper. She then microwaves them to make for a delicious snack!


Bridget posted on Facebook that she puts her citrus into the microwave for a few seconds before juicing to really get the juices flowing. Dr Oz and Bridget tested it to see who could get more juice out of their lemon halves. Bridget definitely got more juice out of her warm lemon because it was much softer.

Dr Oz: Microwave Envelope To Remove Stamps

Finally, Dr Oz shared that to get a stamp off an envelope, you can put a few drops of water onto the stamp until it’s covered, and then toss it in the microwave for 20 seconds. He claims it makes it easier for the stamp to come off, although Dr Oz’s example wasn’t such a great one!

Dr Oz: Funny Ice Cream Cartoon

Before the end of the show, Dr Oz shared a cartoon that depicted two ice cream treats, with the ice cream cone saying to the ice cream bar, “Maybe if you could relax and not act like you have a giant stick up your butt, more people would like you.”



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