Dr Oz Underwear Test: Hemorrhoids, Static Cling & Elasticity


Dr Oz Underwear Test

Is it time for you to buy new underwear? We all have that friend (maybe it’s your husband) who never buys new clothes, and that includes underwear. (At least have the decency to toss it out once there are holes in it.) As Dr Oz informed everyone on the show, even your granny panties have a shelf life. Take the Dr Oz Underwear Test and find out whether it’s time to go shopping for a new pair.

It took a village to pull off this test. First, Dr Oz asked his entire studio audience to bring a pair of underwear with them to the show. (You can run and get some now…I’ll wait.) To help get to the bottom of your dank drawers, Dr Oz welcomed Dr Keri Peterson to reveal what your underwear might be telling you about your health.


Dr Oz: Underwear Elasticity

Dr Oz Underwear Test

Put your panties or briefs through the Dr Oz Underwear Test and see what your undergarments could reveal about your health.

The first of five questions on the Dr Oz Underwear Test is about elasticity. Has your underwear lost elasticity since you purchased it?

Hopefully the answer to this question is no. If you answered yes, that means you have gained weight since you bought it.


Dr Oz: Underwear Width

Next it’s time to look at the back of your briefs or panties. Is the backside more than three inches wide?

The ideal answer to this question is yes. Dr Peterson explained that thongs are the biggest violator of this rule. That’s because thongs help breed fungus, putting fecal matter from your rectum in contact with other clothing and material.

For women, this could lead to an increased risk for bacterial infections or vaginal issues. Dr Peterson said thongs are OK sometimes, but you should be wearing regular underwear at least once per week.

Dr Oz: Are My Underwear Too Tight?

When you put on your underwear, are they too tight? Dr Oz and Dr Peterson’s next question has to do with the fit.

The leg opening should be snug, but not tight. Too tight underwear can compress your abdomen, which is uncomfortable and could cause health issues.

Dr Oz: Underwear Static Cling

Do your underwear have static cling? (If so, get some dryer sheets or fabric softener.)

You can perform a quick test by just folding and unfolding your underwear. Static cling causes dry skin and could lead to Eczema.

Dr Oz: Yellow Underwear Hemorrhoids Stain

Do your underwear have yellow stains on the back? I said, on the back. (Either way, stained underwear is easy to replace, people.)

Yellow stains in the back of your underwear are usually caused by mucus associated with Hemorrhoids. You can treat this with a Sitz Bath, or by combining Magnesium and Salts in your bathwater.

Did your underpants pass the Dr Oz Underwear Test? If not, it’s time to go shopping and it may also be time to call your doctor. I bet you never knew your underwear could be so revealing about your health.


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