Dr Oz: Undercover Mold Removal, Inspection Scam Investigation


Dr Oz: Healthy Home Investigation

Dr Oz kicked off the show from inside his very own home. He was hoping to raise awareness about scammers that could be taking advantage of your money, even putting your health at risk. Scam artists are preying on homeowners who don’t know the truth. As part of his special one-hour home investigation, he would look at where mold is being hidden, toxins you should know about, and those scams that could be taking advantage of people who simply don’t know any better.

Dr Oz began with an undercover investigation into whether home mold removal was really a scam. Toxic mold is a real health problem but what happens when scammers trick people into spending a lot of money to remove mold that isn’t even there? Dr Oz and his team set up hidden cameras in hopes of catching people in the act and help viewers prevent the same thing from happening to them.



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