Dr Oz Underactive Thyroid Symptoms – The #1 Organ Making You Fat


Dr Oz: Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat & Tired?

Do you feel tired and run down all the time? Have you gained weight without changing your eating or exercise habits? If this is you, Doctor Oz says that it may not be your fault. The #1 organ that could be making you feel tired and fat is <<drum roll please>> the thyroid.  This is why Dr Oz dedicated today’s show to How to Restart Your Body!

Dr Oz Underactive Thyroid Symptoms - The #1 Organ Making You Fat

Dr Oz gave a list of three Underactive Thyroid Symptoms. Did you know that the thyroid is the #1 organ making you fat?


When working properly, the thyroid helps to slow down the aging process and help get your energy back. When not functioning properly, the thyroid does the exact opposite. Most women blame the thyroid for their weight gain. (Hey, gotta have something to blame it on, right?) In most of the cases, this is actually true. Dr Oz pointed out that most women don’t know where the thyroid is or what it does. (Count me in on that.)

Amy, an audience member, said that after her babies, she was exhausted all the time and believed it was due to the thyroid. Vanessa, another audience member blamed her thyroid because it was common to link weight gain to thyroid problems. She and her girlfriends all felt the same way. Vanessa dieted and exercised but stated she was “still fat.”

Doctor Oz revealed that 20% of older women in particular had thyroid issues. It may even be twice that much.


Where Is Your Thyroid?

Your thyroid is beneath the Adam’s Apple. (Did you know that? Don’t lie.) If you can feel it, it’s not a good sign.

How Does Your Thyroid Work?

To demonstrate how it worked, Dr Oz had a glass “house”, which represented the body, on the stage. Inside the house were yellow balloons, which represented fat cells. The thyroid converts fat to energy to give you more energy and to burn fat. Dr Oz gave Trina a pin and had her walk into the house and pop the balloons. This represented how a functioning thyroid worked.

When your thyroid is not working properly due to age or lack of nutrients, the thyroid gland loses its power and will have to get rid of fat cells without the energy it used to have. When your thyroid gets weaker, it allows fat cells to accumulate. Dr Oz then took the pin from Trina and told her to pop the balloons, which now was virtually impossible.

Dr Oz: 3 Underactive Thyroid Symptoms

Do you experience daily fatigue?
Have you gained 10 lbs in the past 2 years or you just can’t seem to lose weight?
Has your hair turned coarse or brittle?


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