Dr Oz: Tyra Banks Modelland Review & How To Stop Bullying


Dr Oz: Stop Bullying

Bullying has been a hot topic in the news over the last few years, with an increase in teen suicides, awareness campaigns, and even the documentary Bully, targeted to prevent bullying from perpetually affecting more lives. Dr Oz and his guest, Tyra Banks, discussed the topics of bullying and body image. Next, Dr Oz got personal with a mother and daughter who said this has also affected their relationship. Find out what Dr Oz had to say to this family, and how bullying inspired Tyra to write Modelland.

Dr Oz Bullying: Mom Vs Daughter

Tyra Banks Modelland Review: Dr Oz

Tyra Banks explained how bullying inspired her novel Modelland. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Shay said that she feels her mother is bullying her about her weight. She constantly hears that she doesn’t look as good now as she once did, and Shay said she doesn’t think her mother is proud of her anymore, because she has gained weight.

Her mother taunts her about breaking her zipper or simply calls her fat. The mom’s defense was that this tough love approach was for her daughter’s own good.

Dr Oz: Bully Mom Vs Bullied Daughter

The mother confessed that she didn’t truly know how much her daughter was hurt by her words until Dr Oz’s show intervened. She explained that she wanted the best for her daughter. But Tyra Banks accused the mom of trying to hurt her daughter until she gives in and changes herself.


Mom apologized, saying she never meant to hurt Shay, and that she’d love to help her daughter with weight loss. Their story ended with a hug, and maybe they’ll be better off than the friends or married couple from earlier in the show.

Dr Oz: Modelland Review

Dr Oz said that bullying is a cyclical pattern, where kids who were bullied grow up to bully their own children. Tyra Banks wrote the novel Modelland, using a story based in part on her life experiences with body image and bullying.

Tyra spoke with a girl in the audience who said she is always teased for being tall. Another young woman in the audience said that she has trouble finding clothes because of her height. Tyra said she is now glad to have gone through her bullying experience because now she feels empowered to help others.

Her advice to the girls was to keep in mind that bullying probably also masks pain or insecurity of the bully, meaning they are hurting at least as much as you are, and that is why they lash out. What do you think of Tyra’s perspective on bullies?


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