Dr Oz: Tyra Banks Body Image Struggle & Supermodel Bullying


Dr Oz: Tyra Banks

From the runway to TV stardom, Tyra Banks has parlayed her beauty into a cottage industry, which has included a talk show, the reality series America’s Next Top Model, her own publishing company and more. Tyra Banks Body Image Struggle was one of the topics she talked about with Dr Oz this year, in a conversation that also touched on the problem of Supermodel Bullying.

Dr Oz: Tyra Banks Supermodel Bullying

Tyra Banks Body Image: Dr Oz

Tyra Banks Body Image confessions & supermodel bullying shocked Dr Oz's audience this season. (s_bukley/Shutterstock.com)


When Tyra Banks was 11, she hit a growth spurt, shooting up three inches and losing 30 pounds. She also went from being a bully herself to becoming the target of bullying, so she coudl see both sides of the problem. Tyra Banks even said she suffered mild depression due to the taunts of peers and adults.

Tyra Banks went on to become a supermodel, and even at the height of her success she encountered Supermodel Bullying in the industry. Her mother and manager received a list of agencies that refused to book Tyra Banks because of what they called her full figure, with her large breasts and full hips.

That life experience led Tyra Banks to make it her mission to encourage women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to love and embrace their bodies.


Dr Oz: Tyra Banks Body Image Struggle

Tyra Banks called her mother a strong positive force who kept her going despite the bullying and career obstacles she faced. These days, Tyra Banks hopes to pay it forward by sharing positive messages with women and girls about their bodies.

If you’re not getting the support you need from people around you, look inside yourself and find it there. As a child, Tyra said her mother encouraged her to stand in front of a mirror and examine her body. She was told to find at least one thing she liked about herself, and this is something anyone can do.

Dr Oz: Tyra Banks Advice

After a few days or a week, do this exercise again, and add something else to the list of things you like about your body. Over time, this will help you build self confidence and a positive body image.

Tyra said she believes bullies lash out at others because they don’t feel they are good enough, and they use bullying tactics as a way to get what they want. This realization has led her to cut bullies out of her own life.


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