Dr Oz: Transgender Surgery Regrets, Results & Resources


Dr Oz: Erica’s Transgender Surgery Results

Erica was born as Rick, and she always felt something about her was different. A few years ago, she underwent Vaginoplasty Surgery with Dr. Christine McGinn. As she watched her own surgery, she said she was touched and felt reborn.

Doctor Oz Transgender: From Rick To Erica

Dr Oz: Transgender Regrets

Erica shared her perspective on going through Transgender Surgery, and her one surprising regret about the process.


Erica said it was surprising how little change she felt after the procedure. She said that being in her new female body actually felt normal, and made her more at peace with herself. Though she expected awkward encounters with others, things have been going well.

She said that surgery gave her the body she was always meant to have, and the transformation has been amazing.

Dr Oz: Rick Vs Erica

Dr. Oz had Erica look at a picture of her former self as Rick, and asked her what it felt like to look back. She said the person she saw in the picture was raised well and had a big heart.


Since getting divorced, Rick doesn’t see his children as much. Erica recalled feeling “out of sync” and uncomfortable when living as Rick. She said she always knew inside that she was uncomfortable as a man.

Dr Oz: Transgender Regrets

The only regret Erica has is not confronting her need for change earlier in life. She was uncomfortable in her own skin for 53 years, and if she’d known how positive and accepting others would be about her changes, she would have gone through the process sooner. Erica said living as a woman made her feel whole for the first time.

Dr. Oz concluded today’s eye opening show by emphasizing that Transgender People aren’t acting on a whim or making a choice. This is a legitimate medical condition, but it doesn’t have to be a stumbling block.

Dr Oz: Transgender Resources & Support

With support and resources, you can live a full and satisfying life as a Transgender Person. The rest of us can help by being understanding and supportive of the people in our lives who might be Transgender.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with Transgender Issues, support is available. Read about Transgender Support Groups for Families. Though it’s not always easy, feeling confident and positive about ourselves and our bodies is something we all deserve.


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