Dr. Oz: Top Body Pain Worries, Headaches, Breast Pain & Itchy Throat


Dr. Oz: Headaches Test

Dr. Oz asked his audience to identify their three top body pain complaints. One audience member shared hers, which was a concern about a headache that had some vice-like pain. Paula said she was concerned about it because she gets headaches a few times a week and sometimes over-the-counter medicines don’t help her. She worries it could be a brain aneurysm or even a brain tumor.

Dr. Oz: Top Body Pain Worries, Headaches, Breast Pain & Itchy Throat

Dr. Oz talked about the top body pain complaints from viewers, including scratchy throat, which may be caused by dry air. (nikolae / Shutterstock.com)


Dr. Oz said that if you lean forward with your head horizontal or even lower. If your headache gets worse when you do that, that’s a sign something important could be happening. A cancer will cause swelling of the brain, for example, so more blood there will cause more swelling and more pain. If it doesn’t make it significantly worse, then Dr. Oz says it’s a tension headache.

He said a big problem in America today is a “smartphone headache”, where you get a headache for looking at a smartphone for too long. Every 20 minutes away, for about 20 seconds. This breaks the cycle, relaxes the eyes, and helps release the tension that causes headaches.

Dr. Oz: Breast Pain

Deb said she gets breast pain. It happens every so often to her. She said it felt like a pea-sized knot and it gets tender and sore. She said it happens about once a month.


Dr. Oz said that since it happens once a month, it may be connected to her fluctuating hormone levels which happen every month. Dr. Oz recommended putting an NSAID cream on it when it happens. If it goes away after the period, it may be nothing. When hormone levels rise, it causes swelling, which will make any “nodules” in your breast swell as well.

Dr. Oz: Scratchy Throat

Beth has a scratchy throat and she said it happens in the morning frequently. It gets better by midday, but it happens so often that she’s not sure about it. Dr. Oz said that doctors will feel for cancer by checking the neck for lumps. Nodules in the neck happen sometimes from infections and other causes, but if you have a nodule that’s getting larger and isn’t tender, it’s a problem.

Most of the time, morning scratchy throat is related to dry air. To make it go away, breathe in some steam from a hot shower. It’ll smooth things down and make the throat feel better.


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