Dr Oz: Tony Robbins Personal Mantra & 15 Minutes to Fulfillment Review


Dr Oz: Tony Robbins 40 Pound Weight Gain

Tony Robbins has been through a lot of struggles in his life. He opened up to Dr. Oz about the tumor on his pituitary gland that caused him to grow over a foot in one year of high school and the time he went into a tailspin and gained almost 40 pounds in only a few months. From all the struggle, came his passion for helping others turn around their lives.

Tony Robbins Three Steps to Change Your Life for the Better

Tony Robbins believes anyone can create their own breakthroughs to achieve their best health ever and it only takes three steps. It can only take a single moment for a breakthrough to happen, even with an issue you have been struggling with for years.


Dr Oz: Tony Robbins Personal Mantra & 15 Minutes to Fulfillment Review

Tony Robbins revealed his three step plan to change your life for the better, went over his 15 Minutes to Fulfillment plan and shared his personal mantra.

  1. Create a Strategy – Find someone to help you make changes in your life. If someone has been through the same things you want to change, use their success as a guide.
  2. Change Your Story – Change the story that is holding you back. If you think you’re big boned and weight loss is too hard, tell yourself big bones means you need to work harder.
  3. Change Your State of Mind – Robbins said it is key to change how you feel, to change your state of mind. He said it is also important to change how you move and breath since motion is created by emotion.

Woman Loses 100 Pounds Using Tony Robbins Method

Dr. Oz talked with one woman in the audience who said she was overweight and wanted to change her life so she turned to Tony Robbins. She said she learned to change her state of mind and she lost 100 pounds in a year.

Robbins said it worked because she changed her story from “I can’t” to “I can.” If you keep telling yourself that you can succeed, you will begin to believe it. He said changing how you feel about yourself and about working out can lead to so many changes in your life and not just weight loss.


Tony Robbins 15 Minutes to Fulfillment Review

Tony Robbins said it is important to practice a daily routine to get you on the road to success. He referred to it as his 15 Minutes to Fulfillment  and it begins right when you wake up.

Wake Your Brain – Take a five minute walk or bounce on a mini trampoline.

Take Inventory – Keep a journal of the things you are grateful for. Write down a dozen things everyday you are thankful for.

Visualize the Positive – Take five minutes out of your day to envision what your want and how you want your day to go. Influence how you want to achieve your goals that day and how it will affect your children in a positive light.

Tony Robbins’ Personal Mantra – “All I Need Is Within Me Now”

Dr. Oz said his favorite part about Tony Robbins’ message is that he asks everyone to change what in their heart so their brain can begin processing the changes. He said this is the key to making positive changes in your life.

Tony Robbins revealed his own personal mantra and said to repeat the mantra to yourself over and over again for several minutes a day.

His mantra is, “All I need is within me now.”


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