Dr Oz: Tips to Avoid Being Scammed & Calorie Count on Food Off by 20%


Dr Oz: Food Transportation Hazards

Did you ever think food companies would be putting your health at harm by storing food at over 100 degrees as it ships to grocery stores around the country? Dr. Oz went over the health risks you could be taking because of food companies trying to make more money. Dr. Oz talked with a woman who was dropped from her insurance after being diagnosed with cancer and she explained how she fought back. He also talked with Hotel Impossible host Anthony Melchiorri about what parts of hotel room are oftentimes the dirtiest.

Dr Oz: How To Deal With Scammers

Dr Oz: Tips to Avoid Being Scammed & Calorie Count on Food Off by 20%

Dr. Oz went over the best ways to not be scammed by the food industry, hotels and hospitals and revealed calorie counts on food could be off by 20 percent.


Jeff Rossen, an investigative correspondent for the Today Show, said people do not usually report they have been scammed because they are too embarrassed. He suggested everyone start asking a lot of questions and to act a little annoying to let the scammer know you have caught on to what he or she is trying to do.

Dr Oz: FDA Allows Food Company Calorie Counts To Be Off By 20 Percent

Dr. Oz said there are ways to protect yourself from being scammed if you know what to look for. Jeff Rossen said to never trust food labels because the FDA allows food companies to be off by 20 percent with their calorie counts. He said anything you buy packaged, from canned goods to frozen pizzas, could have an inaccurate calorie count.

Dr Oz: How To Avoid Health Insurance Scams

Elizabeth Cohen agreed with Rossen when he said it is important to ask a lot of questions. She said hospital bills are wrong a lot of times and most of time it is not in your favor. She encouraged everyone to challenge anything on a bill they don’t think should be there. She also advised everyone to look for multiple charges on a bill as well. Even if the insurance company is footing the bill, you might be paying a percentage so it is worth it to check the bill carefully.


Dr Oz: Avoid Being Scammed At Hotels

Anthony Melchiorri, host of Hotel Impossible, told Dr. Oz no matter how many stars a hotel has, he always looks at every hotel as being a five star accommodation. He said he likes to look closely for cleanliness and use his own five star grading system. He said he deducts a star for every mistake he sees and after too many have been deducted, he will leave.

He said it is best to start grading a hotel the moment you walk through the front door. Next he looks at the service he receives at the hotel check in and how his room looks when he arrives. He said if anything is wrong, no matter the star rating, he calls the front desk to have the problem fixed. If they don’t fix it, he will leave because he said hotels cost too much and people deserve to be comfortable when they stay there.


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